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Elite vs moroso. Has anything changed

Currently have Moroso and one way check valve oil fill breather.

Last video was the moroso in-line with the elite 1st gen

Has anything changed in tech? Any reason to change from moroso to elite?

Did email elite 2 days ago for a recommendation with no response


Most searched threads are pretty old

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Elite Engineering

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Here is a long term test conducted by a Moroso user against our latest design, the E2-X system.

While the Moroso let more past than it caught, the Elite E2-X allowed only droplets past. This was conducted over app 6 months, and the design we use is the same as in this video:

This is a long video, so you can jump ahead to the 20 minute mark to see the final results. No contest. Moroso's best largest Catch Can vs. our E2-X design.

Also, our E2-X systems comes with the billet cleanside separator as well so it is a complete system addressing both points of ingestion.

And ALWAYS email our tech support team direct for recommendation for your application and any technical questions:

Sales are:

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Moroso Can

I am on a fresh zl1 build with a prc heads, cam, ported supercharger and snout and nw102mm throttle body. At 500 miles I changed out the NW to a boosted Nw because the supercharger kept sucking the throttle body closed at 6k, so when pulling off the old throttle body, I found probably a tablespoon or more of oil either puddled in or lining the snout and inside of the blower. I currently have a Moroso can which is small and does not get in the way, but am thinking of going to an elite baffled can to help trap more oil.
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I had the moroso and went to the Elite. Better performance first off but also aesthetics were better. The Moroso can would never stay in one spot. Tried thread lock and it would still move. And the Moroso would leave droplets after I emptied and closed it as the oil settled in the spout.
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