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I'd LOVE for the HID to display more than ONE item (like it does now). I'm not blind, so the speed doesn't have to be a half an inch tall with no room for anything else and I HATE having to flip through the menus to find the info I want...

Here'd be my perfect HID display (all displayed at once):

Digital Speedo (Cause I like the numbers flying by)
Digital Shift Indicator (Programmable to MY RPM levels)
Digital RPMs (Again, cause I'd like the numbers to be flying by)
Current MPG
Current Fuel (Miles to go)
Direction of travel (compass)

The GPS on the radio side could give directions AND show the current track/station info, if the text size was reduced a bit. Again, flipping around menus just to get what I want is a pain when it could be fixed by a font reduction...

Oh, and since I've bypassed the skip-shift, you can get rid of the reminder that it's engaging. It really messes up my chi.

Just my 2 cents.
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2000, Order accepted by GM (4.30.09)
3000, Order accepted by production control (5.7.09)
3100, Order available to sequence (5.14.09)
3300, Order scheduled for production (6.16.09)-TPW 6.29.09
3400, Order broadcast (6.30.09)
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4000, Available to ship (7.06.09)
4200, Shipped (7.06.09) - RC# GTW 310094
4800, Rail Ramp Unload (7.22.09)
5000, Delivered to the dealer (7.23.09)
6000, Delivered to the customer (7.23.09)

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they look like something from a old school diner... i dont know why i made the comparison... but stilll... kinda cool imo... i like the shifter...

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3300 - [09-28-2009] Scheduled for production
3400 - [10-01-2009] Broadcast - Being Built
3800 - [10-13-2009] Produced - Built- VIN 2G1xxx54917
4200 - [10-19-2009] Shipped
5000 - [10-19-2009] Delivered to the dealer
6000 - [10-20-2009] Delivered to the customer

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I hate white gauges.
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Not the real guages smiley anyone............
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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Those look like the concept car guages from when it was just a show car.

Not 2011!

I have pictures of the Concept Convertible that look just like that.

My Pictures
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