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Just Bought a 2010 Camaro SS

Yesterday 8/13/16, I just bought a 2010 Camaro SS from a small private dealer in Phoenix Arizona. It has 68k miles, white w/ carbon fiber vented hood and spoiler, clean body no accidents, leather interior, nice rims and tires, but here is the real has an Edelbrock Supercharger!! The car is for my son, but after test driving it I just had to buy it. I have never driven a car with so much horsepower. It has some aftermarket pipes that sound great as well. The only downside is that it is an automatic and I wanted my son's first car to be a stick, a right of passage thing. It also has heated seats and all kinds of stuff. The price was $21k before tax, reg, etc. When we were at the dealer my wife was like "what about this other one that has navigation", my son and I just couldn't move away from the Supercharger, lol. Anyways, my son and I washed it, waxed it, and went through it today and here are the few minor problems it has: Needs and alignment and/or tire balance (car is really stiff and nice, but at freeway speed a little vibration in the steering wheel), no reception an am/fm stations, but boston Acoustics works great via iphone (assume it is the rear window antenna, probably put in an aftermarket hidden one), and the Supercharger top coil covers appear loose (don't know if that is a normal thing). Anyways I am going to get the alignment done, then take it to a dyno place in town as I am too curious about the horsepower and I need to know what this thing is putting down. Oh, and this thing sucks gas like there is no tomorrow, I think my Hummer gets better mileage. My son is a responsible young man, but if the horsepower too close to 600, I may have them tune it down and maybe get better mileage, I don't know as I'm not that familiar with Superchargers, but I'm starting to love them as it is truly amazing power. I'll try to post a picture.
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Looks great, congrats on the new ride!!!!

As for the vibration I'd have it balanced on a road force balance machine. Call local tire shops in your area until you find a place that has one, trust me its worth it. Best way to balance the wheels and tires now a days.
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should be around 500-530 hp. Great deal on it though. Not knowing how hard it has been driven, you may want to change out the automatic transmission and rear diff fluids. I have a 2010 with TVS2300 S/c and get 21-22 mph on the highway consistently. I would imagine a heavy foot in stop and go traffic is what you are seeing. Being new to enjoying that power is quit addicting. Enjoy!!
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