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Cars and Tea
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Camaro Key Recall - Will we be able to keep the original keys?

Like the title says, is this going to be a hand over your keys and you get new keys thing?

or will we be able to keep the old keys?
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No. Just don't do it. Have your ever hit the key in the ignition with your knee? Probably not unless you are 7 foot tall. So disregard the recall and keep your " switchblade"
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I'd say you have to hand in your old keys
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Someone posted this , you keep the fob but with a new key.
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Originally Posted by BluePhoenix View Post
I'd say you have to hand in your old keys
You don't "have" to do anything. It's your car.

But if you don't it, and your knee hits the key, don't expect GM or your insurance to help you lol
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you will keep the fob but they remove the key from it. i agree with everyone, dont do it.
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This sux, GM. You blew it AGAIN!
GM Customer Service reps feel free to comment.

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I'm feeling a "bait and switch" lawsuit coming on. I'm sorry but that key looks oh so cheap! It degrades the value of our cars.

Now if they were to replace the key hole with a push button start and a real FOB, then I would be ok with that.
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Wow...they take the key out of the switchblade fob and just slap a big plastic key on a ring along with the old fob.

I don't know who made the decision to transition from a nicely engineered switchblade key that's convenient for everyday carry and a nice show piece for others that see it, to dismantling it and throwing it on a keyring with an ugly black plastic key as an acceptable fix for the recall.

Someone should call Autoblog and Jalopnik and raise media hell on this.

Shame on GM. This is GM rearing it's ugly disregard for quality and customer satisfaction that's plagued its family of brands in so many ways over the years.

Folks in the social media / forum monitoring center at GM: Are you getting this?!
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For most of us this leads to what is known as a case of anal glaucoma (I just don't see my ass doing that). I'll put it off as long as possible, but since it's a safety recall you likely won't have a choice if you go in for service. I'll give up one key and use it as a spare for service days. However, I've yet to receive a recall notice. My Equinox uses the same type of key and I haven't seen anything about a recall for that.
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Even if I have to go in for service, they won't get my key. I'll follow the guy back pulling the car in and then I'll take the key from them. They'll get my current FOB over my cold dead body.
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When I went into service a few days ago, I asked about the recall. The rep said that GM is still investigating and haven't released the VINs yet. He said that the issue is that the switch blade is too heavy for the ignition switch. I told them that I haven't had an issue since my knee doesn't touch the key and I don't have a lot of other crap on the FOB. The only issue i've had with the FOB is it coming a part when I release the key and the buttons cracking and falling off. I want to get them replaced but keep the switch blade design.
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Wondering if we can ask to get push button starts installed instead?
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They must be joking, it looks like crap!!
They could at least replace the switchblade key fob with a key and a proper fob like the fob from the corvette, not som half-assed toss like this.
It's decisions like this and people that made them at GM that made GM need a bailout...
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