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Originally Posted by hairtrigger View Post
Turn the nannies off and learn how to drive the car without spinning it out. The throttle works in both directions. Learn to modulate the throttle so you don't lose control in any situation. Sneak up on the limit of the car in any conditions with your seat time. Practice. Drive in varing conditions with the nannies off including wet conditions to accustom yourself to driving carefully without relying on computers to save you.
A fast car is not something you buy and smash the peddle to the floor and expect the computers to save you.
Learn the car.
I guess me posting about my car scaring me makes it sound like I have never drivin a fast car. I have had many fast cars in the past but I just never had any that broke the rear tires loose at 65-70 mph. It just caught me by suprise. I understand what you said about learning the throttle and everything else you posted but my concern is just letting other owners know to be aware of this so they are not caught by surprise and they end up crashing.
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"The car downshifted twice" Another reason to get the manual transmission: safety and control.
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What suprises me is that the back end of the car car will slide around a corner on a cold street if you give it a little too much throttle coming off a stop light. I really thought the stabiltrack would have prevented this. The car must be driven cautiously especially on cold streets. I used to nail it for a brief period in the winter around 35 mph until the tires started to spin, but it regained traction as soon as I backed off the throttle. In warmer weather at 60+ mph, this would have suprised me too.
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Speed Freak
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My biggest pucker day was trying to drive it home from Dallas with heavy traffic (100 miles) in pouring rain and everytime I moved the throttle at all in 6th gear it was getting sideways. I don't think that Goodyear is the best rain tire and the nannies give you some slack.
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580 horses tends to do that when you romp down on it.
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Originally Posted by Johnman View Post
"The car downshifted twice" Another reason to get the manual transmission: safety and control.
The A6 is just as good as the M6, it doesn't actually downshift twice. It only downshifts one time but drops two gears, like from 6th to 4th. With that being said, I love to matt it from a 70 roll and see the look on the passenger's face. It's like getting punched in the chest, the way it pushes you back into the seat. Holy crap that was cool !!!
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I learned to drive in the 50's and grew up during the muscle car era. Since we didn't have computers aiding us we had to learn how to control the throttle to keep the car straight and be ready every moment for the possibility that it would "break loose". Plus some makes were worse than others. Some 406 & 427 Fords were notorious for swapping ends while accelerating. Now days we may go from a fairly docile front wheel drive car to a beast such as the ZL1 and it does it's best to keep it in a straight line, and when physics override the computer we are surprised because we are not use to it. I haven't opened mine up yet but I will try to be ready for the unexpected. For me the surprise is that the engineers have learned how to control most of this power.
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The car will actually "teach" you to drive it. Find an empty parking lot or better yet a road course and go through the modes and the car will teach you!
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Yeah, this car will definitely scare the uninitiated. It gets loose alot on me in hard corners, even in PTM2. I like driving in the PTM modes around town, cause I like the control it gives me general. But nothing will hold this beast back entirely. I've heard that people who have tried other tires think the GY's are trash, I haven't tried any others yet so can't report.
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try driving a 1970 chevelle with a 720hp 572 crate motor and 14" bfgs that are way better than what came on it in 1970 but no where near the michelins you have or goodyears that come on the zl1 if you think thats bad.
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Practice,practice,practice. I did it with the "nannies off" getting on a freeway! I had about 2000 miles at that time on the car. I shelled out 1000 dollars to the dealer and it was back to normal. It has been mentioned that you have to learn throttle control on this car, it tends to snap oversteer!
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Timed Rage
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Or... just get MT 20" even with 700 RWHP you can floor it at any speed (as long as its dry) it will hold like glue, down side on the other hand is wear.
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Originally Posted by DavidW View Post
I used to think that when you had stabilitrak and traction control fully enabled no amount of throttle input could get you in trouble because they would intervene and stop the wheel spin almost immediately, this car changed that train of thought you have to respect the car and know that not even the nannies can save you in every situation
...well in theory it should, but it always does not. At times you can drive the car through turns or into a corner hard where it loses traction and the nannies don't kick in because the algorythyms figure you have it in under control.
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