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A Letter to the Governor Of California

Carb 3

A letter I sent to the Governor Of California

Pass it on, cut'n paste it if you need to.

Good Afternoon, Mr. Brown

I would like to speak to you reguarding the Elimination of the Much Overly Funded Government

Agency C.A.R.B

They are not a good fit for business or our culture here in California

I am tired of them working against us small business owners and quite frankly I find many of

their regulations Ludicrous

They've gone power mad, and I hope to see them eliminated soon

Here in California we cannot even modify our own cars

Even though we can pass all emission tests !

The problem with this is:

1. I paid for it ! It's my car, and I want the *freedom* to modify it anyway I wish

2.Modified cars are part of California culture, Our car culture sells around the world !

3. The modified car aftermarket is a Muti-billion dollar a year industry of which much

ingenuity is created and in time will benefit us all,

4. We were here first, Before C.A.R.B was ever in Existence

These modified car parts are also bought by others around the world.

The People at C.A.R.B are a bunch of Hippocrates as well, and have been caught lying on occasion, Because they don't have the facts, So they needed to make them up.

For instance

They have mistaken Global Climate change " A natural occurrence"

For some "Green House Conspiracy"

I wish for them to prove this in a court of law !

In addition Many of us here would like to run the Domestically produced E85 fuel which is

100 % made in the U.S.A

But due to all C.A.R.BS Red Tape and regulations there are only a few service stations In California that sell E85, and that is Intended to serve Millions of Consumers in California ?
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Energy Commission (CEC). Are a Contradiction to the "Green Cause" Because Blenders cannot meet the fuel specification for both, they have to choose one, which either leaves out financial incentive or compliance.

As you can imagine, neither is a great option. On top of that, each of the retail locations are classified as "research" facilities that have to be first approved and then have outrageous reporting requirements that normal gas stations do not have.

The next issue is the extreme restrictions on vehicles in California. Most automakers cannot meet them producing flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs), and it has not only discouraged production in our state, but nationwide. In fact, one automaker is saying that these restrictions could cause the end of flex-fuel vehicles in the near future.

Yes ! It all makes *Zero sense*

C.A.R.B claims to be a Green Organization

But they are only A "Politically Green" Organization, And have a poor track record of Promoting only Fossil fuels.

Instead of the sale of a much cleaner burning fuel E85 or even propane Another Domestically produced fuel.

At present time we have 100's of thousands of Flex-fuel vehicles that are on the roads

that are completely useless because consumers do not have the option to purchase E85 at fueling stations.

Everyday of the year we spend Billions of Dollars on Imported oil, when we could be keeping that revenue here at home by buying E85, Yes Billions $$$$$$$$$$ as you already know

I admit E85 is not for everyone, but why not make it available for U.S consumers that wish to support Industry in the U.S.A ?

There is a gigantic demand out there to buy E85 in California as well as the entire nation.

Everywhere Consumers there are asking , Where is all the taxpayer Subsidized E85 ?

And I can tell you its all Bogged down by C.A.R.B regulation and " Red Tape "

And even if you wanted to support your country, And Most do ! you cant at the present time

Because there are too few E85 fuel stations,

It will require much effort to find E85 Fueling stations In California, For they are few and far between and the USA

Sir We cannot be rid of the C.A.R.B Soon enough, For we here in California as well as the

Around the entire Nation wish to have our ***Freedoms Back***

From this overly Funded Power hungry Organization

We would like to see it replaced with a much smaller Agency Called "The National Environmental Solutions Agency"

Respectfully, Bon
"Pure American Muscle"
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