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Nine Ball

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Arrow DIY : Install catback on 2010 Camaro SS

I just finished installing the MBRP 3" catback on my 2010 SS. Here is the article, along with photos and a video:

We show you how to install an MBRP exhaust system on your 5th gen.

Is your new Camaro too tame sounding for your liking? Don't worry, you aren't alone in that regard. Exhaust systems are a huge market for the performance parts industry, and are typically one of the first things done to modify a high performance vehicle. We at Planet LSX magazine will install the new dual 3-inch stainless catback exhaust system from MBRP ( and show you how to do it yourself.

First of all, if you do not have access to a lift like we have in our testing facility, no worries. This catback exhaust installation can just as well be performed on a level driveway or garage surface, with the car suspended on four jackstands. The car doesn't even need to be that high in the air to get the old system out, just high enough for you to crawl under safely. While air tools are a luxury, the certainly are not required for this scope of work.

Experience Level Required

Estimated Time
2 hours at a leisurely pace

Tools Required
15mm deep socket & ratchet
Flathead screwdriver
1-foot prybar
Can of WD-40 or equivalent lubricant
4 jackstands, floor jack
A buddy, if available

The installation of an exhaust system on the 2010 Camaro SS is very straightforward. There really aren't any 'tricks' required to disassemble the factory system. There are only 8 total bolts to remove to get the entire system off of the car. Four bolts on the crossmember, and 4 bolts at the front pipe couplers. The entire factory system comes out in one complete piece. It will slide out from the back of the car once it is completely dropped down. Here are the steps.

Installation Photo Gallery: Click Here

1. Get the car up on jackstands at the proper lifting points.

2. Remove the factory crossmember using a 15mm socket. Save the bolts, they will be reused.

3. Loosen the two front pipe couplers, one on each side, with the same 15mm socket. Use the screwdriver to pry back the retaining tabs found on the couplers. See photo.

4. Spray the four rubber hangers with WD-40 to make them slide on/off easier. Two are just behind the rear axle, and two are located on top of the mufflers. See photo.

5. Slide entire exhaust system towards back of car, to make the front section come loose from the two front pipe couplers. It will drop down up front. Slip off the two front pipe couplers and save them, they will be reused.

6. Slide entire system towards front of vehicle. Now it is time to get those four rubber hangers disconnected. Use a small prybar to help get the couplers off. This is the hardest part of the install.

7. Once you have successfully freed the rubber hangers, the entire system will just drop down. You can drag it out from under the car from the backside of the car. It is not as heavy as it appears.

8. Install the MBRP exhaust system as shown in their instruction drawings. It is a series of pipe pieces and couplers, as laid out in the photo. Do NOT tighten any couplers until the very end.

9. Once all pipe sections and couplers are in place, and the mufflers are hung, install the MBRP crossmember before tightening any pipe couplers. Use the factory bolts and the 15mm socket.

10. Snug up all couplers, paying careful attention to pipe-to-body clearance down the entire length of the system. Figure 1/4 inch clearance is acceptable. Align the mufflers last, paying special attention to center them in the bumper holes and making the tips stick out equal amounts on both sides. Once you get them in a good location, snug down the muffler couplers with the 15mm socket.

11. Install the exhaust tips next. Rotate them slightly so that they line up with the oval bumper holes. Just like the factory tips are rotated. Measure them relative to the bumper holes and make them stick out the same amount, to your liking. Snug them down with the 15mm socket.

12. Check all bolts again, tighten them so that nothing shows a gap or slides. Don't over-tighten and crush any pipe joints.

13. Vroom Vroom!

Here is a video of the factory exhaust vs the MBRP exhaust:

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very nice....sounds great also...
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What should I name my car
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Awesome how to.... thanks a ton for putting in the time and effort for this.
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Hooked on AutoX
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Ooookaay - WOW - what a difference in sound and asthetic appeal. From the Tips to the Can - this makes the stock exhaust look that which GM put on the Cobalt. No disrespect to the Cobalt owners... but really!!!, look at the two side-by-side.

The SS Model Camaro should have been looked at by those Engineers as another animal, not like a big brother to the Cobalt's exhaust system.

Way to go MBRP! Props! Great install instructions and tips for the DIY Garage Guy - like me. Can't wait to install mine once my SS gets here.

Camaro5 Fest 2010 Panogram Photo of the Host Hotel
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