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SS Automatic Heads up

Beware SS automatic owners : Having problems with resonance in the cockpit at low speeds (30-40mph in town) and cruising speeds (65-80), even with cruise set. I noticed the noise, which comes with a vibration by the way, and immediately drove it in for service. Techs heard the noise as well so did troubleshooting and called tech support at GM. While there, had the GM performance exhaust system put on. Service techs told me nothing was wrong and hoped the exhaust would "drown" out the rumble. WRONG! The deeper throat of the performance exhaust only amplified the noise and vibration to the point that I could not carry on a conversation with the windows up and it even drowned out the stereo at regular listening volumes. Dealer waited for another SS auto to roll in to compare and it is making the same noise/vibration. Apparently when the fuel mgmt system kicks in and drops cylinders it is creating a bog that continuously resonates. I can control it at low speeds by manual shifting but at cruising speeds I have no control and want to go postal by the time I reach my destination ( actually, I can get rid of it cruising by stepping on the gas thus going back to 8 cyl but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the FMS?). Just a constant, loud rumble. I don't want to complain as I love everything else about this car but I can't stand to ride in it on the highway. Here's the kicker, with no fight the dealership is offering to buy the car back and trade me for a same make,model,color only a manual immediately???Good for me but I remain skeptical as to why?? Does GM know or did they know about this problem after production? Is it systemic in all V8 auto's. I'm meeting the district sales Mgr today to discuss the details. More to follow but atleast wanted to get the discussions going to hopefully hear that this is just a problem with a few and not the many. I love this car
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Hmm, interesting.. IRPQ nor Scott have complained about any noises.. They did have the problem of "the slows" which is well documented here and still being worked on for a fix by GM.. keep us updated.. I got an LS3 manual and I would recommend you do the same immediately if this noise is driving you bonkers as apparently it is.. With the LS3, it is a constant and pleasant sound that does not drown out the radio with the windows up (The AC at full blast does though) You will be very happy with the LS3 manual..And it has cruise control for the highway as well in the manual which makes it easy for cruising..
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Hmmm......Well I have no issue with interior cabin sound. When I had the stock exhaust and now that I have an aftermarket cat back exhaust there has been no noise issues at all. .....Hmmmm It may be an isolated problem for you.

As far as wanting to buy your car back. Your dealer may want it back to sell to someone else at an inflated price. Who knows.

I will hold my judgment until I get more info on you and your situation.
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I never noticed this either... I'll have to listen when I get my car back.
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Your hearing it drop cylinders, but ive never heard anybody complain about this, is it that bad???
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SS Automatic Heads Up

I have over 5000 miles on my 2SS Automatic and can't say that the drone or resonance from the AFM system in the cabin is a problem. I can tell you that you can have the AFM turned off by a performance tuner and your car will never revert to 4 cylinders. I also have a CAI on my car, and with the tune, improved the HP on average by 22 and the torque by 31 over stock. The car runs so much better, the shifting range is extended, and the higher torque is very noticable throughout the speed ranges. By the way, I left my AFM on.
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Drives: 2010 black 2SS Camaro
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It happens on mine too. It is quite annoying, especially because I have the zoomers exhaust so it is very loud. Usually I just paddle shift and it becomes manageable.
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have someone turn the AFM off, I swear it doesn't lose mpg anyway.. and this should not void anything IMO..... but of course they can say what they want.
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Definitely an annoyance. I usually downshift to 5th and keep the revs above 2,200 or so and it goes away...This does defeat the purpose of the AFM, but I'm not worried about that.
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Cool looking Bassett Hound in the background. Had one myself. The coolest dogs...And beautiful car too. Ordered one just like it (except manual). ....sorry...back on topic...
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69 rs/ss
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4,800 miles on my 1SS A/6 and never noticed and noise at any speed.
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Thanks for the heads up but so far we haven't heard any noise like your describing. 1k miles on it now.
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I havent noticed this noise either. I dont know what "the slows" is. I'll have to do a search on that and find out.

Ohhhhhhh.......they are saying its slow!!!! This car is definitely not slow!!!! So, it never occurred to me thats what it meant!!!!
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Ultimate Performance
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No issues on ours either....
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