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Really? Why is the DealerInfo Thread Gone?

Could we please PLEASE get an explanation of why his thread was deleted?
I heard the question asked earlier, and one "theory" of too much info, but this question shouldn't be hard to answer by the mods on this site. Why was the thread deleted?

It is sort of obvious to me that someone, somewhere asked that the thread be removed. Either by DealerInfo himself (someone told him to remove it) or by the Mods of this site (someone told them to remove it). What is the explanation of why someone asked to have it removed? There was no personal info OTHER THAN WHAT WAS VOLUNTEERED, and if someone wants to track my particular camaro order and use this info to their advantage, why would I care?

Sometimes, this "dealer network" thing just isn't in the best interest of the consumer. Getting all your info through the dealer isn't always possible or practical, and being armed with info to hold your dealer accountable CAN'T be a bad thing. I like(d) seeing my order was still in 1100 status. I like being able to go to my dealer and say "You should've gotten your consensus - how much was it, and where am I in line?". If my dealer can't answer these questions, why should I be forced to wait and find out that my deposit is going nowhere OR someone who ordered after me is getting put ahead of me. I know this could/would happen, but I like to be able to hold the dealer accountable for why, not left in the dark, or left with a dealer who doesn't know anything OR WORSE doesn't want to tell me anything.

The Dealerinfo thread was the first "real" information I was able to get about my order. My dealer gave me my workbench # back in Oct, and I've called about once a month to ask various questions. No real info, mostly, "just wait you are too early". I let my salesman know about the Mar 16th delay, the cadence issue, and allocations, and the v6 in every showroom stuf. While I am sure that some manager somewhere in the dealership knows all this, it's hard to keep all the sales people educated all the time about everything, and I respect this. Especially when their job is to sell cars.
BUT, if every time I get real information (DealerInfo showed me exactly when my order was placed, exactly what my order was, what the EXACT status was, and soon, a good idea of what's being built first based on the 3000 statuses) that doesnt come from the dealer itself, is it going to be cut off?

So Why is the DealerInfo thread gone?
I'd like to know what the rationale behind this is? It can't be a privacy issue, so, can the Mods of this site let us know?
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I agree, the thread was pretty informative and all is already in the public domain..
Bought my Camaro from Eric Hall(817) 421-7266
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Sorry, I know that that info was appreciated by all, including me. Unfortunately, it was info from a proprietary and confidential non-public GM website so we were asked to remove it by GM. There have been people who have gotten in trouble before for providing this info, so this was done both at the request of GM and to protect Dealerinfo, who was understandably simply trying to provide some great info to some very anxious Camaro purchasers. I'm personally bummed as well :(

Hope that provides some explanation.
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