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Midnight Maro
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header leak => "Service StabiliTrak" + Possible missfire = HELP!

Hey all,

I've been reading through the forums and have been getting hints on what may be wrong with the black beauty... Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.

About 6 months ago I installed some long tube headers. The last 3 months a small header leak started at the block. (yeah I need to replace the gasket, just haven't had the time). Yesterday the "Service StabiliTrak" message came up on the console and about ten minutes later the engine started running really rough. Sputtering at Idle a little. The CES light flashes when the StabiliTrak message pops up... they will go away for 5 minutes still while the engine in running rough and then come back. I'm curious if the header leak is causing the pre-detonation sensor to go off and pull power from the engine or in fact I might have an engine misfire.

From reading through the forums, I gotten mixed information. One thread says to check the spark plugs in case one got cracked during the header install or the wires are loose, but it seems weird to me that this would happen 6 months after install. This would explain the misfire, just not the instant change in the engine performance.

The other thought on header leak causing a "ping" sound and setting off the detonation sensor.. not sure if it would even do this.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I know I've got some work to do on this one, just looking in what direction to start. Thanks a ton!
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Exhaust leaks can cause erratic fuel trims, which in turn can cause poor fueling and misfires. Check the codes, probably a p0300 and either a p0171 or p0174 depending on which side the header leak is on. Lean and misfire codes will cause the stabilitrak to turn on and off and give you error codes, see it all the time at work.
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Avenging Orange

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My suggestion would be to replace the gasket and check the things that were advised...........instead of grasping at straws.
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One Slow Automatic
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I have the same issue my ss is currently at a dealership being checked out. I got a p0300 code at wot then the cel blinks repeatedly along with the tractiin control light going off...i also have clunking sound like metal is dragging.., so wierd ..i jacked the car up to see if something came loose;everything was fine. I changed all the spark plugs lost...
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I had the same issue 2 weeks ago .. I installed LT headers and after I finished started the car and my stability track and check engine came on.. Called onstar to do a scan and it was a miss fire . When I took it to Chevy down the street they scanned it and said while installing I must have cracked a spark plug so they fixed the plug and It worked no codes and drives like a charm
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