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Originally Posted by Nsxmatt View Post
Another hothead crying lemon law. You're the reason this forum is cluster of repeated useless posts.
Another spoiled kid who has never had to work for anything. You’re the reason this forum sucks.
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Originally Posted by That_Redleg_Guy View Post
Another spoiled kid who has never had to work for anything. You’re the reason this forum sucks.
Spoiled kid? I have a college age "kid" and came from poverty. I just get tired of people coming on here crying about things already clearly listed and expecting some pitty party. We ALL have the same problem. Most of us accept a fix is coming and will wait, the rest cry like a baby and keep going to the dealer for a solution that doesn't exist then come on here announcing it like you're going to receive some E-cookie for doing nothing at all.

But go get your paper trail and cry buyback with all the other crybabies while the rest of us enjoy the car we bought and didn't have buyers remorse over.
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Originally Posted by That_Redleg_Guy View Post
Wanted to update everyone and let you all know that the triple flush did absolutely nothing. I drove it for a couple of days before I called the service department at my dealership to let them know the shudder still exists. They told me to put a thousand miles on it and then let them know if it improved. It did not. In fact, it's gotten worse. When I called them back, I was told that they no longer had a transmission guy and flushing it again wasn't the route to go. I was also told to try another service department at a different dealership, something I'm not willing to do since (a) this is their problem, not mine and (b) I don't have time to drive all over the state in an attempt to have my four month old car repaired because I have to work for a living.

So I called Chevrolet on Thursday, November 29. They took my information and told me that a senior advisor would be contacting the dealership, blah, blah, blah, and someone would contact me in a couple of days. That was six days ago. I just contacted Chevrolet again and was told that they would update my file and let the senior advisor know I had been in contact with them again.

The lemon law in my state is pretty standard and allows the manufacturer three attempts to resolve the issue before they must either replace the vehicle or refund the entire purchase price, trade-in allowance, and taxes, registration fees, and other assorted money I have tied up in this $48,000 car. As much as I love this car, I may end up giving it back to Chevrolet. I have bought five new vehicles from Chevrolet since 2012, including FOUR Camaros, and have never had an issue until now.
I am lucky enough to have another vehicle to drive. If I didn't I would be very upset. My car is so bad I don't even want to drive it. I buy a car for the enjoyment it brings. Most of use do. If we wanted a car to go from point A to B only you would not buy a Camaro and if you disagree your lying to yourself. We all bought the car to enjoy the experience we get from something about it. Sometimes it the look of the car, the performance, and others what status it makes you think you get with it. me factor. The look atI don't give a crap if everyone thinks what I drive is the ugliest car on the planet. I just care about what I think and feel about it. Right now I don't care much for my 2SS. I actually dislike the car because it is NO fun to drive. Redleg I agree with you. I feel spending what we have for the cars we should get out of it what we wanted and paid for. Nsxmatt if your car was having the same issue you may think differently if you bought it to enjoy driving it, if you just bought it for looks and status than you have what you paid for. Park it in your front yard, put a big sign in front of it that says look at me and what i drive. You then too will get the feeling you paid for. I did not get what I paid for and I do expect GM to give me what I paid for, the driving experience.
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Hard to argue that this problem has gone on way too long. I know the issue drives me nuts when on the freeway and if I were on the road for work like I was 10 years ago I would probably be much more vocal. Now that I'm driving more in the 6K miles/year range the annual trans flush seems to be keeping the symptoms at bay.

That being said unless an actual fix, along with a warranty extension comes in the next year I'll be getting out of my car and with it GM products. While I might not like waiting I do understand the scope of the issue GM faces with this type of situation. I'm sure they understand that whatever they do to it has to actually fix this problem correctly or they'll have a real mess on their hands.
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Nsxmatt - dude - chill out. I don't think anybody here doesn't know a fix is coming soon and is trying to get a dealer to come up with another solution. The thing is, this problem really makes the car suck to drive, and even though everybody knows the flush is not a true solution, it has at least stopped the problem in the meantime. I and everyone else here just wants that to get us to the Q1 fix at least. Personally, I am just worried that just letting it go in the meantime will cause more damage that they won't cover in the fix, and I'm sure others feel the same way. This car is my only one and I drive it 40 miles a day on my commute. I can deal with it until the Q1 fix if I have to, but I just hope I'm not causing more damage to other components in the meantime. And yeah, I only have this car for the joy it brings. I gave up a fully working, totally fine nice car to get this car and feel a little cheated now. I don't want to give up this car, but if that Q1 fix doesn't work, I guess I'm going Mustang for the first time.

I'm sure nobody actually wants to use the lemon law, but it's a good idea to get prepared for that in case the fix doesn't work. Remember that they had a fix already and it didn't work. The problem has been ongoing for 3 years. It's hard to blame us if we don't have full confidence that they are going to fix it for good this time.
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Chris g.
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I have a 2018 lt RS V6 with only 900 miles that's experiencing this already.
The first day I took delivery of the car I did notice it a little bit but didn't think much of it just driving around in town. When I first got it out on the highway last weekend I really started to notice it. And when using the cruise control it's just ridiculous how much the RPMs jump up and down.

So after reading up on all this, this is a issue that's been ongoing for 3 years and there still really no definite fix for this?

Hard to believe I just purchased a brand new vehicle that has issues right off the bat..And not just a minor issue we're talkin about the freaking transmission / torque converter.

Taking it to the dealership Monday to drop it off and hope that they come up with something that's going to remedy this and not just put a Band-Aid on it.
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Here come the lawyers & class action investigations:
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