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Old 11-28-2009, 09:02 AM   #1

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Had a bad day

Well yesterday was black friday and wow I had a black one. Had the normal bad everyone messing w me at work day just nothing went right. So I was very excited to go drive the maro! There are some really rural area's around so I can get away from traffic. Then I get a call from my wife who says that they re on the way to the hospital w our 9 month old. She was picking her up at the daycare and I mean 5 seconds before she walks in she was not being watched closely and was pushed by another child or fell (still dont know) and gashed her head. Well when I get the call I pull a big ol U turn and drop the hammer. Im a first time dad and I know these things will happen but you guys w little girls know and overreacted. I really wasnt paying attention to my speed just on getting there. I looked down 130 wow I immediately let off and began slowing. Know this stretch of highway is practically abandoned but there is a very small town w one cop close by. And guess what cop was on the other side of the hill I was topping. Yep I had slowed down but not enough, I thought I had slowed down quite a bit but was still going 103 in a 60 :( I mean wow. I immediately pull over. He's very upset (understandably) I explain to him he calms down a bit but what could I really expect he told me in normal circumstances Id be in jail. He said because I was very polite and respectful they he would only give me the ticket. So I was goin 43mph over huh bet that'll be cheap if I dont lose my damn license also consider I have a class A so that will probably complicate things.If anyone has any tips Im open to them. Back to my daughter shes ok. She got 8 stitches man that still scares me lookin at her. Glad shes ok just wish I would've reacted better. I was just sitting here last night and started laughing still cant believe it. Havent told anyone yet figured Id tell you guys first thanks for being my test run
Loving this car!
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I don't know how your state laws work, but I have a relative that has had many tickets down here (Florida). He says that if you retain a lawyer, that you will still pay the ticket, but the lawyer can get the points off of your license. I would call a lawyer and see what may be possible in your state.
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As a Father of three and now with Grandkids, I do understand. BUT....You are a professional Driver with a CDL-A and that puts a target on us with the Judges in lots of areas. Some Judges will use your status as a professional driver to prove a point. Seen some pretty hefty fines for speeding due to this. It's not fair and it can effect your job also.

I wish there was better advice for you. maybe, just maybe you can plead it down, I hope you can.

I wish you luck and I hope your daughter is fine!
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I recently got a speeding ticket in my Camaro in a nearby State for 91 in a 65- usually 6 points. I pleaded "not guilty" and went to my pre trial "plea bargain" hearing. With some pleading I was able to pay the fine only, and 0 points. Lawyers suck. In my opinion a lawyer is usually not needed unless you are about to loose your license or something.
Here in the North East anyway, it's all about the money. Good luck.
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Thanks guys I figure Im lookin at 750 atleast. The fine isnt even listed on the ticket they were closed so Ill call Monday. Ill probably have to go w a lawyer cause I cant take any chances cause it could effect my job. I need to make sure its knocked down. Just got my daughter up a bit ago she seems to be doin ok just a nasty gash on her head. Guess she was lucky it could have been worse it just really got me because shes only 9 months old. I havent had a ticket in over a decade never since I had my class A does anyone know beside it killing my bank account what do you think is the worst that could happen? Could I lose my class A,suspension,I just dont know Thanks again.
Loving this car!
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Old 11-28-2009, 09:55 AM   #6

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I'm so sorry to hear about the speeding trouble, and I'm very glad your daughter is going to be okay. Your best bet is to consult an attorney, ask around, someone can probably point you to a good one. I sure hope everything works out for you. Please keep us posted.
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Old 11-28-2009, 09:56 AM   #7
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Glad to hear your daughter is ok.

Good luck with court. They should knock that down for you.
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call TVCPRO 800-435-7622 $50.00 per month will cost $300.00 for first time attorneys fees. They will represent you ,will either get fine reduced or dismissed. No points on record. They only represent commercial drivers , but will handle personal vehicles. They helped me beat a speeding and logbook ticket. $1050 reduced to 0 with no points. Good luck and glad that your daughter is ok.
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Old 11-28-2009, 10:34 AM   #9
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Well, you know by law you need to report this to your Company. I know that sucks, BTDT and for me it is hard also due to my new Camaro. Even with the V6, this thing wants to RUN and after hauling fuel all day and being pedal to the medal all day, this car feels like it's going MACH 1 compared to the truck.

If you are in good report with your company, explain to one of your Safety Officers what happened. It MAY help.

For now just watch over your lil girl and keep her close. I hope that's all this is, a few stitches and some discomfort.

Good Luck
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Old 11-28-2009, 12:31 PM   #10

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Thanks guys yep already reported it to my company but as long as I get it taken care of they re ok. Thanks Ill try those guys, still cant believe it oh well hopefully when this is all said and done itll be something I can make a joke about its funny Im almost scared to drive it now. I know exactly what your talking about Ive ran fuel and most any truck if your not the owner they keep those things governed at 70-75 atleast around here so you ve got it floored all day then you get off and into something like this man these cars can run. Oh well thanks again guys Ill keep you updated and keep the input coming if anyone wants to share thanks!
Loving this car!
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Old 11-28-2009, 12:45 PM   #11
Captain Awesome
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Aww man, that sucks.

I once was coming home in my 4th Gen and this idiot ran a stop sign to pull out in front of me and it pissed me off so I stepped on it and went around him only to see a cop in the bushes right there. I looked down and I was doing 70 in a 45 so I did just what you did and pulled over and was polite and they guy still was obnoxious to me. He eventually came back and handed me a ticket for 80MPH!!! I was speechless. I eventually asked how he came up with that number and he told me I was on radar. I don't know if the radar could be off that much or if he was just trying to stick it to the F-body driver.

I got a lawyer and went to court and got it reduced to one of those non moving violations like parking on a highway or something. But because my speed was that high he couldn't get it erased completely. To add insult to injury, after the judge dismissed us and we were walking out the door he stopped us and called us back to the bench and he added on that I should go to driver safety class and come back and prove I took the course.

What a nightmare.

I hope you have better luck than I did, because I think it all depends on who you get for a judge, and what mood he is in.
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Old 11-28-2009, 01:05 PM   #12
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I'm a retired cop. So far you've done everything right. It sounds like you were respectful, honest and sincere.

At this point I think a lawyer would be a waste of money. You know you are guilty, the cop knows that you are guilty, and you told all of us that you are guilty. Set up a court date and get a copy of your little girls medical records from the hospital. Try to talk to the officer at court before your hearing {preferably in the hallway outside of court}.

We deal with so many @$$holes, he will proably respect you and try to help as much as he can. Possibly a partial fine and a conviction held "under advisement" pending no more tickets during a specified period.

If he happens to be a jerk (although from your story I doubt it), All you have to do is stand up in court and say, "Your honor I request an adjurnment so that I may hire a lawyer." NO judge in America would convict someone without a lawyer who is requesting one. The conviction would be overturned, and they would look like a fool!

Try it yourself first.............Good Luck................Art.
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2SS 6M
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Be sure and take a couple pics of your daughter to take to court.
I "love" Drag Racing and Women!
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