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Another damaged Camaro. @#$!

Went to the movies today and purposely parked a few blocks away. I even parked on the street where at a single meter where no on can park in front or back of me. I got to my car after the movies and got in and noticed a post-it note on my side rear view mirror and on the windshield. The @#$! left a note saying he damaged my car with a lawnmower. I mean where I parked at was the ideal safe spot(so I thought) place to park (see pic). I am so pissed. Waited over an hour for police to come and take report and now I am waiting for this idiot to call me back. Just got my Camaro in June and not even 6 months have gone by and this happens to me. I am already paranoid taking my baby out in the first place and this happens. At work I have the luxury of parking it in the top of the parking garage where nobody really parks and I can see it from the floor I work on, when I go shopping I park as far away as I can. I for sure do not want to have them match my paint by a third a party paint supplier when I get it fixed. Does anybody know how difficult it is for a body shop to get the Chevy Manufactured paint that I want? I don't want a close enough color I want the factory Rally yellow paint.
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that sucks

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Ghost Rider
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What a f%&@ing douche. Lawnmower?? Piece of SH!*. THank goodness he at least had the decency to leave a note.

If you have uninsured motorist coverage on your car, you can get your own insurance to fix it. Including diminished value, I think, not sure. Comprehensive and collision usually don't cover diminished value.
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well at least he apparently left you his information...
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You will be able to get a exact match from the bodyshop if they are good. You wont even notice a difference!

Its sucks about your car though!
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WOW!! that is bull shit!! but he did leave a note...was that on city property?? or someone else.This is what I dont want to happen to me.I want to vegas this weekend and all I could think about was were iam i going to park??? My buddy who is also waiting for his camaro said Valet park...WTH really?I was the best thing every because it was a camaro it had VIP parking all weekend and not one tiny mark....hope my luck holds out but i know there are some really good body shops and if you find one of thouse you should never be able to tell.
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I give the guy credit for leaving a note (as long as it's his real name and number) but it still sucks. The paint is so new it'll match with no problem.
I cringed when I saw you parked under a Sycamore tree. Those things drop sap, bark, leaves and other crap on your car worse than most trees.
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First of all, he's not an idiot since he did leave you a note. Accidents happen, and most people would have not done what he did. Especially on his salary.
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hope it all gets fixed
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At least he left info. I can't see it being that hard of a task for the shop to get paint through a chevy dealer, but why don't you want to just get it taken care of at a chevy shop? Maybe I missed something. Good luck, and that sucks.
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Jamie Mac
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Sucks it happened but the fact the guy left contact info would go a long way towards cooling me off about it. Door dings are undoubtedly in your future at some point and most of those people won't leave a note. At least be happy the person is taking responsibility. Good luck
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It sucks, but getting a note like that is practically like winning the lottery. Most aholes wouldn't do that. (Or if people are watching, they'd leave a note that says "People are watching so I'm making it look like I'm leaving my name and number".)
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At LEAST he left a note. I can't imagine your reaction if you didn't get a note.

My car was scratched by an overweight woman with a clanky purse..I seen it, she looked at my car and just took off..with me following her and stopped her.

Did I go off? Oh Hell yea! To a point where she started crying..I was like do you NOT have respect for other peoples property? But if she had come in or left a note, ok, compose and be cool.
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