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No ECM Communication

Hello, the issue is in the title.

Backstory: I am currently overseas due to a military PCS, so my American vehicle was shipped to the U.K. where Iím living now since June 2018. Vehicle was working from then up until February of 2019. I have an automatic 2011 LS V6.

Story: One morning it decided it just will not start- no starter click, nothing. Tested battery, alternator, ignition, fuses, ground, starter, etc. all checked out good. Itís been towed to 3 different shops to finally diagnose the issue. The first shop (local) concluded it was some recall with the key, which was false. The second (local) found the ECM was faulty with no communication, causing a no-start situation, but they did not have the correct tools and software to fix it (which we waited for months for). Finally the third (on military base) claimed they had the correct software, so I went ahead and ordered a new ECM so it could be programmed to the vehicle (which took a couple weeks, due to being overseas). Then when we tried to get it programmed, somehow it did not work.. we then found out he had diagnostic software, which was incorrect. So I then ordered from the same company who claimed they could program it in house so it could be plugíníplay, given all the vehicle info and ECM service #. They then dug deeper and found out that, of course, my model has an extra security feature so it has to be programmed on the vehicle. Being overseas, this is not an option. The company is now trying to get ahold of the same model/year Camaro as mine to program the ECM, pleasing the security feature when shipped and installed onto my vehicle. I havenít heard from them in almost a month via email, as Iím not able to call internationally. I am now considering to another option (which I should have attempted before ordering a new ECM) which is to send out my original ECM to be repaired, as it would still have the existing vehicle info and security when fixed. I have tried to contact a couple companies in the US that repair Chevrolet ECM/PCM/TCMs but claim they cannot help me due to me being out of the United States. The vehicle is American, and I have an American mailing address, so I see no issue. Anyone know of any companies that may work with me?

I apologize in advance for the long read, but felt all details were appropriate.
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