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Odd Drivablity Problem

2014 2LT 75k miles auto, car runs great and is very responsive EXCEPT when accelerating over half throttle. Driving while accelerating the car moves out nice but as you push hard on the pedal it just seems to stop pulling hard between 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. It doesn't surge or die, it just goes flat. If you let off slightly back below 1/2 the car accelerates HARD and if you push it hard to full throttle it accelerates hard. Only does this between 1/2 to 3/4, kinda takes the fun out of driving it at times. I scanned it and found nothing obvious, fuel pressure looks normal on the scanner car runs perfect otherwise. Car is very clean and well taken care of. Otherwise it runs fantastic.

Could it be some kind of torque management ? Anyone else feel anything like this? I mentioned it to the dealer techs and they brushed it off like they all do that........
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Could be a lot of things, not normal though.
Accelerator pedal sensors may be out of wack, MAF sensor, fuel pressure... etc. Take it somewhere else for the diagnostic since the dealer didn't know what to do
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