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Old 05-20-2016, 08:18 PM   #1
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Drives: Black 2013 ZL1
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New car...first mod???

I just bought my ZL1 about 2 months ago and am looking to do some modding without getting divorced in the process. Any suggestions on good bang for your buck beginner mods to start with?

Was thinking possibly headers and/or CAI but open to suggestions...
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My suggestion would be to look at what some of the experienced tuner shops have done because they have sorted out what works and what doesn't work. Most have a few levels of mods- like 50 hp, 100 hp, then 150 hp for example.

Just compare prices and hp gains and your particular needs/wants.

And everything needs a tune to go with it so keep that in mind.
LS3 intake and throttle body, Huron Speed Products twin turbo with 6265 oil less turbos, and 3" header back, JRE smooth cam, ID1300, Fore dual 450lph pumps with MSD voltage booster, A6, 325/45/17 M&H Racemaster
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11.91 ET Bone stock
Drives: 2015 Camaro ZL1
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Traction first...stock tires are way too easily overpowered.

Nitto NT05R Drag radials on stock wheels or MT's on ZL1 replicas. (Nittos are more stable in the sidewall and can be run full time)

Rotofab with reservoir. With those three mods and an auto you should be 11.60-11.80 in the quarter in decent air

You'll also keep your warranty.
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big dave

Drives: 2017 ZL1
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It all boils down on how fast you want to go and how much you want to spend. My first and only bolt on mod so far has been the RotoFab CAI (besides the drag radials and skinnies). I picked up 13 rwhp with that mod alone, but the sound the supercharger makes after the change was worth the purchase all by itself. If you're not worried about the warranty, a pulley and tune are pretty worthwhile mods.
'17 ZL1 10.99@129 stock. 4225# raceweight. Best 60'- 1.66 on factory tires. 10.67 @ 132 E50, RF, tune, NITTO 555RII. 4270 lbs
'13 ZL1 BRM A6. 11.591 @ 119.2 factory stock with a 1.68 60'! Best stock mph 121.8. 11.29 @ 123 RotoFab, drag radials and skinnies. 4360# raceweight. 2014... back to stock 2013... stock & RotoFab
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