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All about documentation - if you can get documents backing up your information and things like photos from SEMA and the track days showing the car etc. You end up with a very "unique" camaro, which as you described is one of three set up that way.

Given it is a parts bin car, it is the best of the performance parts. So anyone can duplicate it, but given Z/28 prices not sure why you would today - would be cheaper to buy a Z.

That being said for the forseeable future your value is probably capped at the high end of the SS 1LE range and the $5k +/- below the low end of the Z/28 range, if you can find a buyer who wants a unique low mileage SS.

It is a fun car, with a great story and given the value is on the lower end of the spectrum, it is one I would drive it for fun events and keep in the garage for good, if you have the room and the resources. Never know in 20 years it might just be the $#!T for someone and they may pay up to have it!

But in the meantime use it, enjoy it and have fun with a very unique car. And by all means spend some time tracking down documentation on the car.
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my z/28 is our 4th car, couldn't be happier

Toy 1 '15 RH Z/28 w/AC & Radio S/N 0631
Toy 2 '09 CGM Z06 3LZ
My DD: '17 Ford Mustang GT
Her DD: '14 F150 Ecoboost 3.5
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We all love the car, and if you do trade it you'll hear many times how it was priceless and you should have never let it go. Ask them now if they'll pony up $35k or more and watch them shy away.
The back story and all the parts makes it special. However this wasn't a Z28 prototype or ultra performance COPO like the drag cars. The salvage title kicks it in the shins too, we understand how it got that but it's a factor.
IDK if Mecum and the likes allows salvage title cars in their auctions, and they would push you to do a no reserve where it could go for peanuts.
Speaking of peanuts if I did trade it I wouldn't inform the peanut gallery (guys at the cars and coffee or having a beer with) of the one that got away, to hear all their groans.
I'd consider running it through Ebay or a big auction with a reserve then if it wasn't met consider if I wanted to keep it or sell.
I guess what I'm saying is if the market isn't willing to pay a generous price for it that helps you to confirm if it is a special collectable or not. Then if not the only thing left is if it has some great sentimental value to yourself or you want to move on to another toy.

Edit: I had to come back to this thread just to look at your car again. I'm attracted to it at first sight...and second...and third..

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