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Thanks OP. Great writeup!

That 2-3 shift is a key point. I have only missed a few. I do think my Barton was slightly better and they way I had it adjusted the throw was noticeably shorter.

With the optional stick it sure was noisy. But going back to the stock stick cured all that.

One other thing, check the below link out. Practice can make almost perfect with most shifters:

Also have a look at the clutch section. I found his advice to be spot on. This topic get discussed often on here. Mods The Ranger URL should be a sticky.

This guy knows his shifting!
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Originally Posted by USMUCL View Post

Well, the wife ordered me the MGW, so I took the plunge and changed out the shifter. Here are my thoughts, as it relates to the 1LE.

Installation: It was as time consuming as advertised. But, MGW's installation video is spot on. The only thing it didn't talk about was the clearance issue with removing the pins for the OEM shifter assembly arms, as the tranny tunnel is in the way. I ended up having to gently lower the jack (that was supporting the tranny) to bottom out the transmission, then use a long screwdriver to put pressure on the tranny and move it slightly to the side to get enough room to get the pin out.

Looks: I elected to go with the retro shifter because I wanted the shift ball, which I think feels much better (insert joke here). I came to this after thinking I wanted the MGW that allowed the 1LE OEM knob for the longest time. Glad I changed direction there. Picture is below . . . I went with a dark gun metal knob that kept the same general color scheme as the OEM. I might have went with MGW's 'SS' knob if I knew it was weighted. More on that later. I do like that I don't have to worry about wear-and-tear as much like you do with the 1LE knob. My only beef is that the 1LE boot gets squeezed tight against the MGW shaft, and this caused some "crinkling" where it meets the shaft.

Shifting/functionality: While the 1LE shifter is good, I found it was still just sloppy enough to hit that spot between 1st and 3rd when doing a quick 2-3 shift, if I wasn't paying attention . . . thus causing a feel like you are "locked" out of 3rd. The MGW fixes that -- the return springs bringing it to the center are so strong, if you miss a 2-3 shift or a 5-4 shift, you should punch yourself in the balls and then buy an automatic. The MGW is a real improvement. Only down side I see here is that the spring strength makes it necessary to use much more effort to get to reverse. This might lighten up with time/break-in. The MGW throws are shorter (33%) versus the 1LE (22%), but you honestly don't notice that small difference, IMO. I noticed no increase in "clunkiness" or needed shift effort for the MGW versus the 1LE shifter.

Noise: This was the scariest part to me, because I didn't want to introduce a bunch of rattle or buzzing to the interior. I'm pleased to say that it did not. In fact, the MGW might have less noise, as my 1LE shifter always had a very faint rattle under load; the MGW does not. However, the MGW might introduce a touch more gear rollover noise, but so little so that I can't honestly say I'm certain it is not because I was listening harder after the MGW was installed. Bottom line, I was very, very pleasantly surprised at how quiet the MGW turned out. Full disclosure -- I used much sound insulation, including extra dynomat, extra foam pad insulation, and a weighted shift ball (8 oz). I even used plumber's tape on the shaft threads before screwing the shift ball on. All this just to be sure I mitigated any additional noise as much as possible, and the final outcome is great.

The final verdict? The MGW is a certain improvement over the 1LE/ZL1 shifter. Still, is it worth the cost, installation effort, and possible warranty concerns, given the 1LE is already pretty good? That is not quite as certain. I'm glad I have the MGW now, but I honestly don't know if I'd do it again, i.e. if it was worth all the time and expense.

I know this is an old thread but I purchased a 2015 1LE shifter to install in my 2015 SS . I figured for less than 1/2 the price of the mgw and itís a good upgrade over stock I couldnít pass it up. Now to my question . The factory 1LE shifter and th factory SS shifter ? Do I have to replace the entire assembly or can I just install the 1LE stick into the SS base ? Any info from you guys that have replaced a shifter would be great !!! Thanks

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Am I the only one that isn't a fan of the MGW? I had one on my C6 GS Vette for 5 years (same Tremec T6060) and did appreciate the quicker throw but wasn't a fan of the precision or lack thereof, I can't count how many times I missed the 2->3 shift when in a competitive environment (auto-x and track days), incredibly frustrating.

The shifter in the 1LE seems to be phenomenal, it's notchy (which I like as you know exactly when you're in gear), the throws are not long and it seems more precise.
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