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dealers here in kansas city have several ZL1 on lots, yet, 2013. several verts and coupes. the new 14 vette is taking all the attention now.
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Originally Posted by NorthTex45thSS View Post
What a joke! Because of the tires? I drive on drag radials year round snow rain or shine! Its a shame this is probably due to all the frivolous lawsuits these days! All it takes is some idiot with more dollars then common sense to wreck a zl1 or 1le and sue because it was the tires fault they lost control! SMH
OK. Texas "snow" maybe.

Michigan snow? How about Canada snow? haha. Tires is everything. "JUST BECAUSE OF TIRES". haha. I drove my 2SS 20" Perelli's once on the snow (packed hard, normal snow, not fluf snow). I turned the wheel left, car went straight. Turned right, car went straight. Damn thing just went straight. This is at 20mph. Actually, I couldn't get over 20mph on flat ground! Then I tried to stop... just kept going. I've always had F-Body's... always a WS6 through the years (first was a 1988!).. they all are bad in snow. The 2010+ with the 20's... DEADLY IN SNOW. Imagine in a hilly area.. coming down a hill.. picking up speed... brakes on... ABS.. haha.

1LE, Z28... even worse.
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Originally Posted by MIZL1 View Post
Remember this is still a business, lots of cars on lots maybe create a sense of urgency now, stack up orders till spring and bang out a bunch of them. With the amount of money spent developing these cars I find it hard to believe they couldn't deliver to warm climates. People get fired for much less every day, missing 1/4 of the production is a smoke screen NOT created by tires.

Really GM... tires???
Are you completely forgetting Camaro is built in CANADA? It doesn't matter where the cars are heading if the tires are cracking at the assembly plant.

A 1LE could be heading for Death Valley for all I care. It'll still get there with cracked tires because Canada is freaking cold.

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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
LOL. Really............ there an ADM on them? Whats their asking price? BTW in regards to the other post prior to yours, 1LE's don't hang around here too long.

They want $62,200 for the ZL1 BRM a/t vert I like .
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Folks, the problem is real, I have small cracks in my tires. These tires are SUPER sticky when warm, and get super slippery below 40 degrees even on dry pavement. You virtually cannot help spin the tires when it is cold out. So what if they stop production for 3 months, there are likely selling the same amount of cars in a given year anyway. The new Z/28 will have the same issue, but it is a low production model. Changing the tires to another brand is not as easy as everyone is saying. Watch the videos, Al O says the suspension is dialed in for THESE tires.
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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Are you completely forgetting Camaro is built in CANADA? It doesn't matter where the cars are heading if the tires are cracking at the assembly plant.

A 1LE could be heading for Death Valley for all I care. It'll still get there with cracked tires because Canada is freaking cold.

No I haven't forgot, I live in Michigan and own one of the 12's built week one in Feb that sat on the lot in Canada for most of the winter before delivered in 2013. I get the tires are sensitive to cold but come on. There must be few hundred junk sets of tires by now as it's below 20 degrees tonite.

GM is still delivering cars in December and It's how warm there, 10 degrees tonight. They posted a buliten regarding these tires from nearly day one and many of dealers with cars on lots all night in cold climates. Do you think your car is going to delivered in heated comfort? How about the tires themselves, Being delivered, better check to see if the mountains are blue!

I get it it's a safety percaution and glad there minimizing delivery if they are having problems, they are not going to get them all nor have in the past, currently or in the future. Tires are likely one of a few reasons.[/QUOTE]
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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
Please tell me you're joking.
I know, right. We all know Global Warming is a crock of shit.
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well that sucks haha

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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Ok, you got me...

However, I will take a retreating glacier over an advancing glacier every chance I
....I won't, the weather is getting crazy, if one pays attention to it....every front is an extreme due to more water vapor in the atmospshere.
Originally Posted by Nutro View Post
I know, right. We all know Global Warming is a crock of shit.
I hope you are joking....extreme weather as we have seen in the recent past and currently, is attributed to the higher volume of moisture available for weather systems and fronts to feed off of. Just sayin'... , off topic,...back to Camaro's
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Originally Posted by el ess A View Post
There may be something to do with artificially curbing production due to several factors. One of them that cars don't usually sell well in winter months overall, there's plenty of ZL1s from 2013 still hanging around, 1LEs, not sure if they're selling a crap load of them, although percentage-wise Camaro5 SS buyers tend to lean that way if possible. And the tire issues are one headache they don't have to deal with this year. Probably a learned lesson from last year, and there was probably a back and forth fencewalk on whether or not to continue production. In the end, you want a ZL1 or 1LE, you'll just have to wait.
If u live in a warmer climate and want your car right away just go to your dealer and if they don't have one they can find one. They r all over the place. I have no idea why anybody would order one at this time. The more they make the less our cars are worth. Just about ever dealer in our area has one they cant sell.
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Wish they came with more weather friendly tires..........
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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post

Please read this over, and over, and over again guys.

Couple of important highlights to consider:

(1) If you don't have an order in for a 1LE or a ZL1 - please don't complain too much - because this doesn't effect you at all.

(2) The Goodyear Supercar G2 tires are REQUIRED to achieve the performance levels the Camaro team designed these cars to offer. And they cannot build a car with non-spec tires.

(3) The number of people who actually HAVE orders for these cars in the two-three month period of holds on quite small. Many more people buy standard SSs, LSs, and LTs.

(4) and finally: Sorry to folks with orders in the south, but the plant is in snow-ville...and no plant employee's safety (driving around in the cold), nor the integrity of the worth two months of time.
Mr. Wyndham - once again you are the voice of reason.....

Someone said the 5th gen is bad in snow -- and I disagree. Put a set of Pirelli Scorpions on your Camaro and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

That's what we put on our CTFs -- (ZL1s and 1LEs included - ) -- and Mom Settlemire at 89 years of age has a set on her RS.........and she lives on a steep hill.....with a steep driveway.

What people should learn: Performance Tires are performance tires because of (in part) the makeup of the tire composition - (sticky) and tread pattern.........
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It's not the snow, it's the cold. My tires are safely tucked away in my basement because they suffer from the same aversion to cold.
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Some of us live in temporate climate

Are you watching the Rose Bowl today? 79 degrees. I live in Northern California = 66 degrees today.
I don't think we have cold weather problems that others have. But my business thinking is that they really kill the model year. Because if they don't take orders/start building until Feb, you are only 2 months away from hearing what the 2015 will have on them. Also, end of model year for special orders. Why order in Feb, take delivery in April and then hear what the 2015 model has on it and regret it. I think their decision is not good for sales.

Maybe they will find another alternative for next year. With all their design, forward thinking and business sense, you would think they won't make the same mistake twice!
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