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Argh, this is so nuts...

GM is clever, clever, clever. Ok? Clever.

First, EVERYONE on this forum and simiarl forums know about the Camaro. Most of us have the cars on order. All Camaro's are sold out already.

Why should GM spend money advertising a car that is always sold out? They advertise for cars that are IN STOCK just to get them moving. There's no reason at all for GM to make commercials for Camaro's at this this point.

And besides, why spend money to do this when you place one in a movie like TRANSFORMERS? What has that movie done for Camaro sales?

This kind thing has been done for a long time now, and works very well. Thew Knight Rider was a Ford Mustang (is that show still on?). And all the cars in Terminator are from Dodge.

Did you know that 100% of all of the cars in the second Matrix movie were ALL GM's? Thats right - all 250 cars that got destroyed in that epic highway chase scene were ALL GM's.

(Same thing for The Island btw).

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We are at the end of a ridiculously long supply chain...anyone who doesn't realize that doesn't need to be ordering year one-quarter one of a brand new vehicle.

For all those that have 'dependencies' related to ordering a new car...those are entirely your problem.

What do you tell the bank? Whatever you want..why are you telling them ANYTHING when you don't know when the car is going to show up?

When should you sell your current car? Whenever the dealer calls you and tells you your new one is ready for pickup. If you're worried about losing money on the trade or carrying two notes at once..again...your problem...not GMs. If it's that big of an issue for you personally or should not be participating in this 'game''re not ready for it.

THE SYSTEM IS SHAKING OUT...this line is for a new design...if you can't personally stomach the challenges/variables associated with the shouldn't be 'in the game'. We all want the cars...but expecting GM to say 'You were order number 3,412 and your car will arrive at your dealer on May 9, 2009 at 1:46PM' is ridiculous. If they told me that today...there would likely be some issue/resolution that would alter that date one way or the other.

I honestly am surprised how much information we have...and I'm thankful for it. Too much information to the consumer can be a liability for the supplier...a point that has been proven on this board all too many times.

And regarding the fact that GM has done no advertising/training etc... Its RARE that I've ever walked into a dealership and the salesman knew more about the car that I was looking at than I did...especially a new model year and especially one that had not even hit the floor yet. THANK GOODNESS GM has been easy on the advertising...there's no point in developing the hype until the cars are on the lot and ready to be purchased. Vehicle purchases, unfortunately, tend to be very emotional decisions and time sensitive. The average buyer walking onto a lot today wanting a Camaro TODAY because they saw it in print or in a commercial would likely go home with some other car. GM needs to have vehicles ready for customer delivery on lots before they invest too heavily advertising. That's a no brainer. Most car buyers are not nut jobs like we are.

Finally....thanks to the Camaro Team at GM...all of you. I appreciate everything you've done to date to make this an absolutely positive experience for me. I'm excited and I'm having fun.....AND I DON"T EVEN HAVE THE CAR YET!!!!!!
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