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Originally Posted by MagnumForceGB View Post
We might be out there on the15th, my wife's brother wants to watch us race.

I need practice badly, you are a better driver right now, I might not be good competition.
My average run(out of the relatively clean ones; i.e. excluding 2 17 second fubar passes) last saturday was 14.28. I usually go with a small group. This small group typically accounts for 90% of the imports there. My friend's i/e and gears ap1 S2000 ran 14.67-15.1 @ 94-95 mph and other friend ran 14.62-15.0 @ 92ish mph in his stage 1 2005 wrx.

Keep in mind the DA. The DA was around 500-700 on those timeslips, it was near 2000 when I raced same day as you.

I watched you do a 14.6 pass @ 95.6 in your camaro and your mustang ran 14.6 @ 97.37 in your vid lol. My best trap speed and ET in same conditions as you were 14.237 @ 98.81.

On the day we both ran I did 14.9 first pass, then 14.8, 14.6, 14.3, 14.3, then 14.2. In that order lol. If I shift hard into 2nd it just wheelspins because it's slick as snot there.

Would still be good race with your mustang, if it had gears we would probably be neck and neck.

Edit: I had A LOT of practice saturday. It was empty! I was the slowest car there besides a v6 auto 2005-2009 mustang that ran 15.6-16.1 @ 87-89 mph. I wish I had an auto for the track, it's a PITA launching fwd manual car..... especially with open diff. I have a friend who just bought a 2010 Camaro 2LT V6 auto who might come to the track. I was telling him about your car haha. He spent 4 hours waxing it!

It's all about DA corrected times! Takes weather out as a factor. I ran 13.9 @ 102 DA corrected this last saturday and 13.9 @ 101 when we ran few weeks back. I was just closer to the 13.9 mark because of the DA being closer to zero.

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