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This was the main consideration that kept me from installing a catch can. Everyone has said CAI and catch can are two of the first mods you should make. I am leaving mine completely stock until the warranty runs out. The warranty is important.

If the car is fairly new and the dealership really did flag the car that is a dick move by the dealership IMO. Do the customer a service and warn him that if he doesn't return the car to stock he will risk voiding his warranty. Give him a chance before you screw him.

I agree with what others have posted. The issue could be related to the catch can and the dealership can't be responsible for diagnosing problems with aftermarket parts. In this case it sounds like the problem predated the catch can install but I have seen other people with catch cans who had similar problems.
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Originally Posted by Viczl1 View Post
Couldn't believe what he was telling me. But it's true. He went for an oil change and a intermittent stumble on cold start up, and promptly 1 hour later left with no work done and no warranty. They said his catch can voided the warranty and the dealer won't touch the car now. So he's left with a $48,000 car with no resale value and no warranty and a presumably long legal battle with GM. It's flagged across the country. What a load of crap.
PM me the last 8 of his VIN and I'll check it out. This is completely ridiculous!!!! Those dealerships are an embarrassment!!!!
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So if you are under warranty and want to use the dealership for all maintenance, would it be better to not have a catch can and let whatever may happen, just happen?

Sure seems like it.
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Originally Posted by dustin0284 View Post
So if you are under warranty and want to use the dealership for all maintenance, would it be better to not have a catch can and let whatever may happen, just happen?

Sure seems like it.
Not all routine maintenance, just repairs related to the use of the warranty...
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File a BBB Autoline case

Arbitration will make GM prove the catch can caused failure.

They can't.

Never put up with these bogus-reason voided warranties

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Originally Posted by dustin0284 View Post
So if you are under warranty and want to use the dealership for all maintenance, would it be better to not have a catch can and let whatever may happen, just happen?

Sure seems like it.
Just run low NOACK/SAPS full synthetic oil and do an Italian tuneup every so often.
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I am sorry to hear about another person being wronged by a dealership, you would think that installing a component to help a vehicle run or last longer would not be used against us. There are some really great people on these forums who have been through similar issues, I know they can help you.

I took my car in for the supercharger marble noise a week after I bought it. Found out that the sales person that sold me the ZL1 took it for a joy ride when it spent a night at the dealership. He was fired, it really left my trust in dealerships lacking, but they did take action.

Hope you can work things out, I did find a different dealership that was mod friendly. I had a catch can and CAI installed when they replaced my supercharger. Then with less than 5000 miles and the car being 6 months old I tore into the engine and drive train. I knew that my warranty would be gone, but I am taking responsibility for any issues with my car in the future, whether it is my fault or not.

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Just thought I would share this from a couple days ago. I saw some guys upgrading their 1LE exhaust with axle back kits so, I asked my local dealer (asst service mgr)here if i could do any mods on my exhaust. He said if I changed anything on my exhaust it would completely void my drive train warranty.
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Originally Posted by dustin0284 View Post
So if you are under warranty and want to use the dealership for all maintenance, would it be better to not have a catch can and let whatever may happen, just happen?

Sure seems like it.
Yes, if warranty is important. Sure, we all know about the valve stem coking issues on direct injected engines, and that a catch can slows this down. However, adding an aftermarket catch can modifies the PCV system. the PCV system, if not functioning properly, can cause issues with rough starts, stumbling on acceleration, and of course, emission system problems. If a dealership sees an aftermarket catch can when the car is brought in for any of these types of issues, they cannot move any further with warranty work, whether the catch can is the cause or not. The aftermarket part will not allow for proper diagnosis according to GM specification.

Now this story is coming second hand, so who knows what the dealership really did here. Did they actually flag the car, or just tell the guy they can't do anything with the aftermarket part?

But yes, if warranty is important, then you are much better off leaving the car alone, and letting whatever happens, happen. If or when it does happen, you're covered. Modify the car, and you're on your own.

Also, a manufacturer does not have to prove a modification caused the problem. MMA refers to replacement parts made by another manufacturer that meet of exceed OEM specification. It's the 'tied in sales" clause that states that a manufacturer cannot void a warranty if the consumer uses an aftermarket replacement part designed to do the same job as the OEM part, in the same way, to the same specification. We're talking about replacement air filters, oil filters, belts and hoses here. Modification of a system is a completely different ball game.
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This sounds about right. GM and Chevy has been very stringent about the mfr. warranty and modifications to a new car. My advice would be for the owner to discuss the issue with GM and come to some type of agreement. See whether GM will ease up if he removes the catch-can. I would not enter an arbitration agreement with GM, but rather try to negotiate peacefully. When you arbitrate with GM and/or enter their customer resolution system, the program is geared towards GM's favor, and they can end negotiations when they feel like it and that will be the end of your claim with the dealer, outside of a court battle(from experience).

If having a warranty is important to you, then I would tell you not to mod a new car. I'm all for meaningful changes, but you have to weigh the risk involved with any change to a car, and be willing to accept responsibility if something goes wrong. It is kind of messed up but that's the world we live in.

I've had trouble with GM on a totally stock car with a warranty claim, so that will tell you what they can be like with a modified new car claim.
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Elite Engineering

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Reading through these 3 pages I don't see the brand Catch Can he had installed.

There are many Catch Cans on the market that defeat or delete any of the functions of the stock PCV system CAN be grounds to void a warranty. Any that have breathers that vent to the atmosphere are a good example. Any "tanks" that defeat the PCV as well will. The PCV system preforms several critical functions with only one being pollution control related. The rest are all for preventing premature engine wear and damage.

A Catch Can MUST retain a closed system and not in any way reduce or defeat any of the PCV systems functions, which every Elite can is designed to meet all current emissions requirements with the exception of CA. CARB cert which we do not as of yet have due to the expense and time involved.

Now, Camro5 posted a very accurate statement on warranties. And the Mag/Moss act DOES protect consumers against unscrupulous dealers playing these games, but the person affected must visit the FTC's website and take the necessary steps and use the forms provided to file a complaint (you can't just be pissed and hope it fixes it self, or complain here).

You must follow through as the law clearly states they CANNOT legally void your warranty. especially with all the issues that plague today's GDI engines that a proper system addresses and corrects. There are several law firms that specialize in the Mag/Moss act (Google search) and most will resolve the dispute with a simple letter to the dealer and GM. In fact we have yet to see one fail with our systems in getting it resolved.

So, the consumer can roll over and do nothing, or they can take the proper steps and get this turned around. And share the bad dealer with all to warn them away from doing ANY business with a dealer that treats their customers this way.

As a consumer that makes the large investment of a new vehicle, and then takes steps to ensure long and trouble free use of such, the law is there to protect you, and the dealer/GM MUST if asked prove the product or service they are using caused the failure in question....and that is ONLY after you have experienced said failure and were denied warranty coverage to correct it. We will also provide all of the technical data needed to prove our systems can in no way have a negative effect and any portion of the vehicle, only improvements in the functions already in place of the OEM system.

This is an example of why you must become educated on your PCV systems functions, how any Catch Can you are considering works, and with so many crazy systems being sold out there you have to ensure what your buying and installing does NOT defeat or negatively alter any portion of the factory PCV systems functions. And with dealers themselves selling and installing these more and more as well as other performance related mods, you do not have to accept poor treatment such as this example.

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I didn't want to disclose the brand due to any negativity toward the company. I felt that was not right to do. The dealer didn't care what brand was on there. It was aftermarket. Period.
MRCHRISLS3 ..... I will state again the cold start stumble was from day 1. The dealer told him put about 500 miles on it and it should clear up. It hasn't. He read about the oil coking issues and installed a catch can. Elite brand or otherwise, they would have rejected any catch can. He has since removed it and will head back to another dealer next week to see what they say.
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Royal Tiger
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If you think it's JUST GM doing this you are being naive. I've had issues with Dodge, Toyota & ford as well trying to not cover things that should have been covered.
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It sucks, but if they make exceptions for him, then they will have to make exceptions for everyone else that has had their warranties voided for aftermarket parts.

You would think a 49 year old man would already know something about warranties...

Look on the bright side... he can go crazy with modifying his car now. No more second guessing if it will void the warranty.
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