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Old 07-01-2013, 06:47 PM   #43
Chu no guat a hasa is?
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DD. 91 on Chevron, 76 and or Shell. Try to avoid Shell though.
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I'm driving a Saab 9-3 Turbo every day... I drive 50 miles each way to work and as fun as the Camaro is, I just don't want to put miles on it every day like that.

Although.... if I sold the Saab there are some Camaro upgrades there....

I run nothing but 93 in both cars.

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Gunning for Sixth
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N. Ky/Cincy here. Like AdamZ I drive mine every day. LS3/M6. Snow tires, common sense, learning to feel how the car grips, and learning how to rock if you get stuck are your friends.

Drove 3 NW Ohio winters with a 6spd LS1 Trans Am with all seasons. Only had issues with hard pack snow but so did all the big 4x4s and Subarus.

Also even though my gut and wallet hate it, 93 octane only. :/
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Originally Posted by christianchevell View Post
dd here, and my last Camaro a 2011, lots of rain in Oregon and occasionally ice and snow
Which is why I switched to Nitto Motivo tires. Much better traction in the rain.
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Daily driven here.

So far, no issues in any weather. Grabbed some all-seasons before winter, had no issues.
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DD here.. its actually my only car... unless you want to count the other car im watching.. which is probably even worst in the snow..
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Originally Posted by laditee View Post
Mine is a 2010 and from day one I have been driving her as a DD....she sees every season and I'm at 84000 miles and going strong....luv every min of it.
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Screw watchiing dust collect on it , Drive it everyday , and I live near Green Bay , These things are tanks in the snow , AS LONG as you get snowtires . Drive her
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Daily Driver. Except in the snow. Or Rain. Or if it looks like rain. Or below 32c. Or through construction sites. Or on gravel roads. Other then that, yep, a Daily Driver.
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Old 07-01-2013, 08:36 PM   #52
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I have a '13 2ss RS Camaro that is not my daily driver. I drive the Camaro for fun or when it is going to be nice out. I also have a 2012 Volt I use for daily commutes, and a winter beater for when its really crappy out.
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The Dude
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Daily driver with a smile errday =) wouldn't have it any other way
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Daily driver here. Made it through the first Minnesota winter with only a few minor quirks but that was more my learning curve for a RWD vs. front than the car. Winter tires are a MUST though. Noticed a huge difference in handling in the snow right away.
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DD here unless there is snow on the ground then, it's the Wife's AWD MTX. Due to the cold weather, the P-Zero's were almost un-driveable below 32 degrees (hard as rocks). I replaced them with General G-Max All Season Radials and now have no troubles.
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Originally Posted by SSmedwin View Post
Thanks for the responses..

You guys put 93 or regular gas?
I always use 91 or above, only few gas stations in canada have 94.
My SS is my dd, unless there is snow on the ground.

I've driven it in minus 30 Celsius degrees weather (I live in Calgary, Canada) with the stock P-Zero with no problem at all as long as you are careful. If there is snow covered roads, I usually use public transit, im not worry about me driving my car, I do get more worry about other people not knowing how to drive in the snow and wrecking my baby even if i got winter tires. When I got it, I got 3M protection on hood bumper and side mirrors (to avoid rockchipping during winter and spring seasons) and once a year I take it for a "Krown" application (to avoid rust due to salt) that way, i can enjoy the SS with peace of mind !

Congratz! You'll enjoy your new ride!
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