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Old 07-05-2013, 06:36 PM   #71
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That's what I bought it for
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daily driver here. have not had it with snow on the ground, which is not a very high percentage of the time around here anyway. i do not plan to drive it if/when we have snow, otherwise.......YOU BET I WILL
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Every day when there's no rain!
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Originally Posted by E.T. View Post
Can you drive it in the winter? Sure. Should you? That's the real question. P-zeros are ok in the cold if you're careful. If there is any snow on the ground at all, I would not even attempt it. Also, the car is just too low to the ground to be great in the snow. To top it all off, why screw up a nice car with snow, salt and all the other wonderful things winter has to offer? Winter is really hard on vehicles. I plan on keeping mine for a long time, and would rather not have it turn into a rust bucket. Oh yeah, and then there's all the other morons on the road that can't drive in the snow. You gotta worry about them crashing into you.

In short, when I had my V6, I DD it one winter. That was enough headaches for me. I bought a used Jeep and that thing is a trooper in the snow. IMO, a Camaro just isn't a winter car, especially an SS or ZL1.
Your advice of the pzeros in the cold is wrong , Also your theory of how The cars are just too low to the ground to be great in Snow , Is really wrong . I will race you any snowy day in your jeep and blow your doors off on the line and around any curves,, Why give a guy wrong advice when it is easy to see you never have had snow tires on your car? I drive my daily it is not a rust bucket nor will it ever turn into one as I wash all the time in the winter . Your part on the other morons on the road is correct , , Saying a Camaro is not a winter car is wrong as can be, The traction control makes these one of the best cars you can buy in the snow ,
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The gritos pollo!!!
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any car can be great in the snow as long as you give it the proper tools.
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every day, have a jeep for bad weather
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Mine is a daily driver, only way I could afford it. Only put 27000 in three years on it, but had several issues with the car in that time. Still love it tho! It won't get rid of me that easy!
I live my life one Camaro at a time...
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...not a marine biologist
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Drive mine(LS3) everyday back and forth to the ATL (67 one -way). I didn't buy it to collect dust and it gets the same gas mileage as my Chrysler 300 Touring did. Leave it at home when freezing or snow and take a beater on those days. I don't think you will ever meet anyone who wished they drove their Camaro less.
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Old 07-06-2013, 12:55 PM   #79
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I drive mine everyday. It handled well in the snow earlier this year.
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I drive mines everyday. except when it snows... I cant risk it lol
MRT V2.0
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Drive my SS Everyday. 46,000 miles. Makes my morning commute fun and something to look forward too. It's only fun when you use it!
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mine is a garage queen. Oops
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Mine too. Had it for 19 months and she only has a little over 500 miles.
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NH 2012 SS/RS
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DD for the most part...goes in to the garage around November comes out in April...

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