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Whiteside Customs Maggie 2300 + VVT Cam Project

The Build:
2010 L99 Camaro
Magnuson TVS 2300
3.4 Pulley
160* Thermostat
Texas Speed Custom grind VVT camshaft and spring kit
Comp cams phaser limiter kit

Special thanks to Jason at Texas Speed. I cannot say enough about these guys. The engineering that they do in house is amazing. The cam That Jason perfected for this build is nothing short of a masterpiece. You'll have to see the curve in the powerband to understand.

Magnuson. Well engineered kit. I think just about anyone with mechanical ability could install this kit.

Previous Mods:
ARH 1 7/8" headers with x-pipe connected to factory mufflers.
Hennessey Cold Air intake and Tune.
The car came to us making 352hp and 347tq.

The Goal:
Install and tune 2300 supercharger and camshaft while maintaining VVT and AFM.

Before we go any further we need to answer some questions.

Why not convert it to an LS3 and make more power?

The answer to this is complex. As most people know the limiting factor in the VVT motor are the lifters. The ramps for the camshaft have to be rather soft. The reason for maintaining the VVT is in simply understanding the technology.

In simple terms VVT allows the timing to be changed throughout the powerband. In other words you can advance or retard the cam during the powerband to maximize its potential. In the early years of cam design racers would either physically advance or retard there camshaft to fit there style. By doing so you could have torque come on early or later. As camshaft design progressed the timing was ground into the camshaft. As anyone who has done a camshaft in a LS series motor can attest to, you line the cam up and then the cam does the work. Now imagine if you could take the idea behind both and use them? Well you can and that's what VVT does. By moving the timing throughout the band you can get better torque and horsepower all through the band instead of give and take as with the current technology.

Why keep AFM? it doesn't get you much better mileage anyway.

There are a lot of people out there that will tell you to delete AFM as it has little benefit.

My question to you is this. Why do you tune your car? Simple, to make it more efficient. To optimize it's performance. The reason in doing I think we all can agree is that there is room left where the manufacturer didn't optimize each and every car. So why would AFM be any different? Answer, it's not.

Active fuel management. In simple terms it shuts down four cylinders to conserve fuel. How does it work? Oil is continued pumping into the cylinders but there is no fuel or spark. This leaves 4 cylinders receiving spark and fuel. Using HPtuners we can control spark during AFM making it more efficient.

But if you can make more power with the LS3 why wouldn't you?

We believe by working with the technology and learning it we will be ahead of the curve. As this technology advances there is no doubt it will be more efficient than the current technology.

Does this make us right and everyone else wrong? NO!

We just choose to try and think outside the box instead of putting together cookie cutter builds.

On to the pics.


The graph speaks for itself but VVT WORKS!!! OVER 500tq at 3200RPM!!!!!

And since there has been controversy over SAE numbers and STD numbers here is the STD graph.

And then a little VIDEO!!!

Let us know if you have any questions. We think this is an excellent example of how VVT lets you have your cake and eat it too...
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Okie doke
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Very Very Nice guys !!!

Love the painted 2300 !!! .. Wish I would have done something like this ..

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Drives: 2000 Sebring Silver Z28
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We'll be running a special on paint on maggies soon, and we can do an existing one for a customer on a quick turn around if need be. Thanks for the props!
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NICE numbers! Do you have an option to change the lifters since that is a week point most say
Livernois Motorsports: Maggie 2300 7psi, Livernois 2C cam/L99 to LS3 Conversion, Ported TB, Rotofab w/adm race scoop, adm trans cooler,Kooks headers no cats, Kooks 3" exhaust. METCO breather. Precision 2400 Vigilante TC. Eibach Lowering Springs & Swaybars. BMR Trailing arms, BMR Rear Cradle Bushings, BMR Toe Rods, BMR Differential bushings. Vossen CV3 20's w/ 305 Mickey Thompson @25psi. Zl1 front bumper. OE Zl1 Hood and matte black insert. 556RWHP/500RWTQ L99
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