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End links of sway bars

One quick question. I understand the importance of upgrading the sway bars themselves, but do these sway bar systems come with upgraded end links or is that another part I need to buy. I was under the car tonight and notice the end links are flimsy at best. Especially the front end link that is about 18 inches long and the width of a straw. It seems to me that if you do not replace these links then your only fixing half the problem. I am just learning about cars since I bought my Camaro, as I was a motorcycle guy until now. If I do need to purchase the end links, where do I find them? Sorry for the newbie questions....

Thanks for your input!

Sean M. (Moultron)

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Ghost of Vincent Price
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pfadt or however you spell it makes end links. I agree the stockers are very chincy looking.
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From what I have seen there are three companies that currently have endlinks, Pfadt, Spohn and Bwoody. Also hotchkis are going to have some soon as well. Honestly looking at all your posts today I would looking into the new pfadt sports package. It comes with the endlinks, sway bars and springs for $990 retail. That is if you don't mind a more than 1" drop.
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Upgraded sway bars doesn't mean that your end links aren't up to the task. In street driving the end links are in compression or tension (pushing and pulling) where the end links are plenty strong. It's only under side loading that they may not be up to the task. I'd suggest you just periodically monitor them for failure before diving in to spending more money.
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Ordered the Hotchkis track pack. Got it for $974.00 delivered. Could not go wrong. The chassis brace sold me. Should have it installed next week when I get a couple days free....can't wait!
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Pedders sway bars come with heavy duty end links and will be available very soon.
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Hi moultron,

I agree with obe1's comments about in standard street use, the loading is designed (in a perfect world scenario) to be along the axis of the endlink. This is important, and a lot of engineering has gone into the geometry of the suspension to maintain this as much as possible.

The problem exists that when you start increasing grip levels, and the various suspension components and subframe start moving around under hard cornering (more than they typically would see), it induces a bending moment in the arm, which is off axis. This is why we have decided to include them in our Sport Package+ for that very reason. The links that we provide consist of the same components that we raced on our Corvette Race cars for many years, and have never seen failures. They are lighter and stronger than OEM units, they are adjustable and require NO drilling out your sway bar mounting holes. They are truly up to the task, and are available right now!

Here is a link to our Pfadt Camaro endlink kit info:

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have more questions! Thank you.

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Pedders units have much larger ballstuds because they are seriously more beafier than OE. We feel a sealed ballstud like ours is more reliable and quieter than other joints being used. To drill out 1 bracket, may take you less than 1 minute and will add lots of reliability and strength. This is why we include adjustable end links, HD ones I might add for all of our bars. The bars themselves already have the larger holes. It is just the other end that needs to be opened up 2mm.

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Proven Wicked
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I also agree that for the most part the end links are designed to withstand primarily loading in tension and compression. BUT take in mind these factors:

1) The factory end links were never designed to withstand the added load from stiffer bars. (not saying they won't hold up, just stating that you are approaching closer if not past their original design limit) Larger bars are meant to deflect less, therefore the end links are required to resist more load since the load input from the suspension is not changing.
2) For bars with multiple holes, if you are not in the factory hole location you are now loading the end link at an angle and thus inducing bending moments on it.

FYI we are also working on end links. Here is the preliminary information if you go to the second post from the top:
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