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Originally Posted by backtotintops View Post
Ok...I am not doubting you but I would like to read the wording on that. Please provide the GM link.

Here is the quote, I know it is somewhere here on C5. Perhaps someone can find it.

"How fast will the Z/28 be in 0-60? In the quarter mile?
The true performance of the Z/28 will be measured in lap times, not straight-line performance. To preserve the track-focused nature of the Z/28, it doesn’t have the strengthened differential and half shafts of the ZL1, and is not recommended for drag racing. The new Z/28 is designed to be the most track-capable Camaro ever produced by the factory."

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Originally Posted by backtotintops View Post
???...this car is not even out yet and people are worried???

This is a street car and will easily handle autox launches and saturday night street fun etc...don't sweat it. I have never used launch control...but this car has it and doesn't that get you 95% the best launch anyway for a non pro?

If you put drag radials on it, blower and mod it for the strip then you are on your own.
The best launches are with TC off and no LC.

We can all stop worrying, if you are careful you can safely launch a 600 RWHP pedestrian LS3 M6 SS with DRs, a stock diff and axles, and not break anything. If you try a hero launch then boom. Drivers choice.
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Driver's choice . . . . . subject to the heat of the moment.

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