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now logging actual line pressure in A6, less than 100psi in 3rd

sorry for the long 1st post. this is for a g8 but it is the same computer and tranny.

i got a pressure sensor hooked up to the test port on the tranny and am now able to log the line pressure. it does some wierd things but the bigest issue for me right now is low line pressure in 3rd gear.

on the dyno at about 600ft/lbs the tranny started slipping and so did the lock up clutch in the converter. car was locked in 3rd gear, circle D tripple disk and manualy locked tcc using hptuners non beta scan tool.

logging pcs1 appears to the the line pressure solenoid. the reported pressure and the actual pressure do not match but they do follow each other exactly. the actual line pressure is somewhere around 3 times higher than the pcs reported pressure.

at times i see 300+psi. mostly at very light load in 1st or 2nd. looking at the logs it seems like it only hits that very high pressure right after i start moving the first time after starting the car. it seems to settle down after a minute or so.

after making significant changes to several of the pressure numbers i didn't see any changes in the actual line pressure.

going from stock numbers to numbers that are 40% higher made no noticable changes to the actual line pressure on these tables. max pressure, max pressure B, max clutch. on the "max line pressure" table i took many of the numbers up a little and set the 4000rpm and 7000rpm colums at 200psi wich is a very large increase from what was in there.

i also bumped up the "oncoming pressure preset 3-4" table thinking it might be lowering the pressure getting ready for a shift?

all of my base upshift tables have been messed with a little. the injectors are a little big so the airflow tables are not exact so the tq numbers are a little low at times. we worked the tq axis so 330ft/lbs is enough to get into the highest cell where it was 440 or so before. i never see less than 330ft/lbs calculated tq. most of the pressure numbers on the higher end of those tables have been bumped up some and i never tried putting them back to stock. keep in mind most of my testing so far is just thru 3rd gear, not looking at the shifts yet.

i lowered my power as much as i could about 4psi and super rich. this allowed me to get into in 2nd gear a little. 2nd looked ok but i didn't get up into the high rpms. 150+psi for 2nd up to at least 5500rpm.

then it shifts into 3rd. pressure goes up nicely to around 200psi. the pressure goes up as soon as the tranny comands the shift but the shift happens later. by 5000rpm it starts going down and by 6000rpm it is down close to 100psi.

the pressure follows exaclty with the pcs1 comanded pressure so it appears to be a tuning thing.

without even thinking about getting thru a shift with this tranny i 1st need to be able to hold the power mid gear. what am i missing? how do i get/keep the pressures up from 5000rpm up in 3rd.

once it hits 4th pressure goes above 200psi, cant say for how long since i cant hold 4th for long without risk of going to jail. i will get some screen shots up shortly and post up my last tune.

here is my latest tune >>
760 rwhp at 11psi, 6.48@113 1/8th mile, stock motor
1096 rwhp at 22psi, 5.94@122 1/8th(18psi), 9.19@155 1/4(20psi), drop in rods and pistons
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