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Old 05-16-2018, 09:23 AM   #15
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Does anyone know how the default "start up" mode compares to PTM 1 or PTM 2 ? for example, is it the same as PTM 1 ?
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Old 05-16-2018, 03:55 PM   #16
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Good posts here people, thanks for the info. Seems like some of you, I've repeatedly read about these modes, but am still confused a bit...

I haven't had a chance to get out and try all of the modes - only Mode 6 when I was stuck in the snow earlier this year. I'm using "Mode 6" here as an invented term to describe holding down the button for > 5 seconds, turning off all nannies (lighting both lights).

Same, but opposite, question that hjdca just asked, is this mode the same as PTM 5, or even a step beyond/below that mode..??
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Old 05-17-2018, 03:18 PM   #17
Og Neon
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The default setting is more like a PTM 1.5. If I am in PTM 1 and floor it, it bogs for a second vs start up mode. So I feel PTM 1 is a lot more restrictive then the start up mode.

As for "mode 6" as stated above. All off is beyond PTM 5. In PTM 5 you still get an engine cut and I think a hint of rear brake to help stabilize. But when it is all off, you get no computer interference what so ever. I often go back and fourth between 5 and all off at each track day. All off I can usually eek out an extra second or 2, but my lap times tend to be more consistent in 5. If I am doing a Time Attack event, I usually use 5 for the early session to set my pace then all off for the later session once I am more dialed in. For autocross i go all off because you often need more slip angle then 5 will allow with all the rapid accel and decel. Just my 2 cents though from my seat time in the car.
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Old 05-18-2018, 11:09 AM   #18
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Per CraZed post:
Pressing the button once turns off Traction Control only. Only the TC slash symbol is illuminated in the tach.

Pressing the button twice in quick succession enters PTM in mode 2, turning off Traction Control and Stabilitrak. Both the TC slash and fishtail (Stabilitrak) off symbols illuminate in the tach, and PTM 2 is displayed in the Driver Information Center (display between speedo and tach). Pressing the Sport (+) button moves up to next highest mode, up to 5 Dry, Race. Pressing the Tour (-) button moves down to next lower mode, down to 1 Wet, Tour. Whenever PTM is active, both the TC slash and fishtail (Stabilitrak) off symbols illuminate in the tach. Pressing the Stabilitrak Off button exits PTM. Turning off the ignition will also exit PTM.

however I just hit the stabilitrack button twice to put it in PTM mode. Center screen shows mode 2. I can switch between modes 1 and 5 using the other 2 buttons. I select mode 3 and both lights are illuminated in the tach. I then pushed the PTM button once and the lights go out in the tach but then the "tour" button (middle one) illuminates. Am I still in mode 3 or did I somehow kick myself out of it by hitting the stabilitrack button again and turning those tach lights out??
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Old 05-18-2018, 01:43 PM   #19
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Man, this is becoming way more complicated than it needs to be.

You hit the button twice. You are in PTM. You change the mode depending on what you want. Even though both lights are illuminated, you have differing degrees of traction control and stabilitrak depending on which mode you choose (PTM 5 has the lowest of all, outside of "mode 6" which turns all nannies off completely). If you hit the button again, you turn off PTM and go back to tour or sport normal mode, which only changes the steering feel and nothing else.

You get differing degree's of HP delivered, with the lowest allotment at PTM 1, and the most at PTM 5. PTM 5 gives you full Engine HP/torque from what I have experienced. I.e. It doesn't cut timing/fuel, doesn't bog you down in turns the pcm feels has too many G's etc. The whole point of the early PTM's is to help you learn the car at a measured and predictable pace. I drive in PTM 5 regardless of street or track now, because I'm 100% comfortable with the car.
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