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An interesting Camaro (and GM) story! I just bought my 2010 Camaro!

An interesting Camaro (and GM) story! I just bought my 2010 Camaro!



I have a unique Camaro story for you all tonight. I have been a long time "GM Guy" and have had many wonderful Chevy cars such as a '72 Impala, '80 Malibu Classic, '75 Camaro and a few GM others... I also bought a 2001 Pontiac Aztek and loved every bit of it's 4WD 1SC will be missed.

48 hours ago, I slapped my cash deposit on a 2010 Camaro! They can say that the "other" car dealers have a great new car purchase at a higher leverl than the american dealers, but let me tell you that buying my new Camaro was such a pleasant and reasonable purchase experience that it had to be comitted to the forever-ether of the Internet.

I sold my 1975 Camaro at a car show two weeks ago. I got $5000CDN for it and I was so very sad to see my customized small block 350 4 bolt, Muncie M21, Posi, 4W Disc second gen 'maro leave my garage. It needed a paint job, but that rolling resto-car is a gem and is such a blast to drive! I have (had) had it for 15 years and I managed to keep it after kid #1, where I just started to multiply our cars to ensure that the Camaro didn't leave! Friends of mine sold off thier old automotive family jewels but I kept my 75... People that saw this 75 Camaro (as I drove it almost every summer) often said that they had one "just like it" and that they regretted selling it. I vowed even stronger to never sell this car. Kid #2 came along and new financial pressures transpired... the trick in (in my opinion) to keeping an old, classic car, is to only put a "little" money in at a time. If you dump a big load at any one time and a money hairball comes along, the car may have to be sold to move through the crisis. As I applied this strategy to my Camaro ownership, I managed to keep her, with the other family cars. After a few years of winter parking/storage woes, my best garage storage was sold away to another and I had a crisis of what to do with my 1975 Camaro once the Canadian winter hits...

I then test drove a 1SS 2010 Camaro with a 6speed manual and...well....fell in love with Camaro all over again! The safety, control and style really hit home, I simply had to have it! After much research, thought and planning I courted my local Chevy dealer for a test drive of an LLT V6 equipped 2010 Camaro. I was not at all dissapointed with the 304 HP and frankly enjoyed the power and efficiency that this engine offers! This is NO Iron Duke I4 from the 80's gentlemen! IT IS the FIRST Camaro base engine that stands alone! It's not to be laughed at! I can assure you from personal experience that it's the best choice for the daily driver 2010 Camaro! I could almost own two 2010's for different occassions, but I dream... (of a winning lottery ticket)

After several conversations with (my Chevy dealer), meetings and discussions amongst like minded GM folk, a deal was struck.

I traded in my 2001 AWD 1SC Pontiac Aztek for a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT. I finally fully "optioned" my first-ever new car! I have owned over 20 cars in my 41 years on this planet...all of them used or bought on the lot as is. Never have I ordered a car in MY color, MY option list with MY bigass car stereo, etc! AND it was a New Camaro! Oh yeah! After my detailing and staging it for trade in, my Aztek fetched $4250CDN plus tax deducted from my invoice and I put down $1500 (Camaro) cash and on top of that, then my kind Chevy dealer gave me an EXTRA $1000 off the sticker as a "loyalty" benefit for trading in a GM vehicle... so sweet!

Now I know that many of you reading this now, feel that the Aztek was an automotive piece of crap, but let me tell you from an owner for 9 years of one that this was a great GM vehicle! I know that the nose and such was over "engineered" too many time, had they only made it JUST like the concept in 1999... It was a fantastically reliable and trusted mid-sized SUV for my growing family that really did it ALL and then some! I slept in it, hunted, fished, partied and travelled with it and with the whole family AND all the gear. When asked by the salesman at the Chevy dealership what I felt about the trade in, I simply told him that if GM still made it, I would buy it!

So here I sit, with 1 less car, waiting for my 2010 2LTV6 Chevy Camaro. I ordered it in Summit White for any that wondered. I also had a white Aztek. I love white for a car, as it shows all of the body work and lines. I grew to love the Aztek's lines... I adored my 1975 Camaro's second gen lines and now... the 2010 Camaro has captured my imagination and spirit! The V6 ROCKS and is the best choice long term for me. I will keep this forum posted on the delivery and pickup experience. I get my VIN next week! I can't wait to be able to track this car's production, THANKS to the webmaster of, this site is PERFECT for RIGHT NOW! Thanks!

From a Canadian GM fan.... Camarodriver - eB
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Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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Beautiful story!

Sorry to hear that 75 had to go. I have a special place in my heart for 2nd-gen Camaros...:(

But I'm also happy to hear about your new Camaro purchase!!!
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Thank you for sharing your story.

I feel kind of responsible for the Aztek. I was in a focus group for the car based on my ownership of an SUV (Cherokee). We answered lots of questions, looked as some test-bed cars showing off various features (like the fold-down rear hatch lip, various rear door types, etc.) and then drove several test cars (not Azteks) to evaluate engine/tranny combos. Fun and I earned like $100. Then when I saw the Aztek and it had several of the features we evaluated, I saw the horror of what I had done! : )

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Thumbs up Great Story

Just like you, when I first saw the 2010 Camaro, I just HAD to have it, I absolutely fell in love with it that day. I wasn't even thinking about buying a new car!
This car is amazing...
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great story!! and welcome to the site
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Thanks 2all. I am logging in pretty well daily, great site! I am getting my VIN shortly, I will keep Uall advised.
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Grats on the Camaro!

As for the Aztek, I agree with a lot of what you said. GM had a real chance to be on the leading edge of the emerging crossover segment but the Aztek was GM's perfect storm. First there was the disaster of the 2000's Pontiac nose, then there was the second disaster of GM's 2000's obsession with horrible plastic cladding, of course there was also GM's 2000's abandonment of performance/excitement and finally a generally poor transition from concept to production. I'm just glad GM fixed every last one of those things before getting around to a 5th-gen Camaro or we might've seen something worse than when Ford had the idea of using the Probe as their 4th-gen Mustang.
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2010 SSRS

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Nice story! Congrats!
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Built with Pride "Oshawa"
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Congratulations and a great BIG Thank You from your Oshawa Build Team I look forward on being a part of the Camaro Team that will help bring your new 2010 to life. Best Regards

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Congrat's, you will LOVE the 2LT as a daily driver (that's what I have) the engine is very responsive and all the creature comforts you can ask for . As for the Aztek, you are right in line with many Aztek owners who would purchase another one if they were still in production... just not enough of you :( .

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Steve RS/SS
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Great Story! I also am a "gm" guy and through the years always did the right thing and never bought what a truly wanted and always wished I did. This was the first time I bought exactly what I wanted with no regrets. It's a blast to drive good luck with it. Congratulations!
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Great story. My 2011 Camaro will be my third one. My first one was a used 1984 Camaro that I bought in 1987. I kept it until 2002 when I bought my 2001 Camaro. I just sold my 2001 a few weeks ago and am waiting on my 2011 which was built 11/11/2010. I should have my baby next week. GM forever...

2011 Camaro 2SS/RS L99 RJT
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1975 camaro aztek llt

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