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Mr. Wyndham
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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
I bet it won't be long before one of these "Crime Drama" shows has someone get murdered with a hacked car (instead of the cut brake line).
I really don't want to worry about firewall updates when I buy my synthetic oil...
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Sweet! I just got a DroidX and am looking into getting a 2011 Camaro. This just makes me want it even more!
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Rogue Leader
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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Coincidentally, this article recently came out. It links to a rather long study done be some college students which is potentially too technical for the laypersons in this topic to understand, however it basically proves what I have been saying about software all along.

Essentially, these kids were able to hack into their cars. They were able to compromise the entire cars computer system because they are all interconnected and can pass messages back and forth. They hacked the car (GM) and were able to make the car do multiple dangerous things (from disabling the brakes to changing the readouts on the 'gages' to shutting off the engine). They did this completely via software that simulated the command messages and they inserted them through the OBDII connector. (Yes, they made a device to plug in and send the messages but their conclusions show that any connected system on the bus (including the Radio and OnStar and Bluetooth modules) could easily be used to compromise the system and cause the car to do an almost unlimited number of things.

This essentially shows that a car with no remote start could be commanded to start, or a car could be made to lock/unlock, or slam on it's brakes, or open close the power windows, etc. and all this is done by using a small bit of software that is not complex or memory intensive. They don't even use authentication fields in their messages.

They even discuss how all the systems use 16-bit keys, which can be "brute force" atacked in less than a week. (Explaining why Tuners come out so quickly for these cars).

An interesting read, for the technically minded... with the side benefit of proving I was right.

As I said before. This is just a refusal to update our software.
Wow way to twist that story to support your theory. We know the OnStar Module can command the car to do anything, hence the ability to CALL THEM and have them unlock your doors etc.

This has nothing to do with your cellphone connecting to the OnStar Module.

You just keep going and going making us all even doubt your knowledge we believed you had about how these systems work. Seriously you must think everyone on this forum is really dumb to not see completely through this.

PS I can't believe I'm responding to this guy yet again but I just couldn't let this steaming pile of dung he posted go....
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