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Originally Posted by pcwizard View Post
At this time I am going to go with the 10' crank pulley and ATI balancer. I will do the idler relocation bracket and new belt. I am doing the ID850 injectors and will be doing the BAP module. 174 deg thermostat and Roto-Fab Carbon cold air Intake. I want to do a Cam but I have not decided which one I am going to go with yet. advice would be welcome. With that being said that Brings me back to the Nitrous Issue I think I will mainly keep it on the car for Purging and show purposes only but didn't know If I would still be able to run a 50-100 shot or If I would be out of fuel at that time. Don't know how much overhead. Ted Jannetty thought I might still be able to do a 50-75 shot but wasn't sure.
Thanks to all for any advice on cam- Thinking of Jannetty rough idle cam?
If you have not already made your purchase or into your build the only mod I would suggest you change are the injectors and go with the 1000's simply because they are the same price as the 850's but would give you room for the nitrous hit with fuel to spare...
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200 shot

I pretty much have the exact setup you described in my 2012 manual except it has the BTR Stage 3 cam and TSP heads. I ran a 100 shot for the better part of 2 years with a BAP and ID850s. Then I put in the dedicated fuel cell with race gas in just the one gallon cell and did a 150 shot which fried stock clutch with 24,000 miles and 150 drag runs on it. Put in a better clutch and ran a 200 shot at Texas Mile. Did 132 mph in quarter with 100 shot. Did 164 mph in half mile and 188 mph in mile. Nitrous wasn’t working right at Texas and had to put in a manual button which don’t work good when you need to shift with same hand. Found out you really need two nitrous bottles in the mile because of pressure drop in second half mile. You also need an ice/water intercooler tank in the trunk. See black ZL1 in my garage, it lists everything in the nitrous build. The red convertible just has the Lingenfelter 700+ kit in it. I think it can do over 200 mph in standing mile with some Hoosier R7 tires, fix the nitrous windowing issue, ice tank and dual #15 nitrous tanks. Hopefully the stock bottom end holds up.

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