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Scalded Dog

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Originally Posted by Spurshot View Post
Brake pads are cheaper than engines, clutches, throwout bearings, and syncros. Just sayin. No free lunches. An engine's wear is directly tied to the revolutions it sees.
Ahhhh, the old debate... However, in spite of the fact that the inertial resistance provided by engine braking does not translate the same way as frictional braking, the real reasoning behind engine decel vs. braking decel is to maintain control of the vehicle, and to avoid experience brake fade or rotor warpage. It just works out as a nice lil' bonus that the pads (and rotors) happen to last much longer, too.

(The link below offers some pretty decent discussion--- both sides have their say!--- regarding gears vs. brakes for maintaining speeds... lots of food for thought, anyhow...)

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Norm Peterson
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Seems to me that whatever gear would give you good response going up a long grade would be a good gear to be in going down the same slope. If 1700 rpm in 6th isn't giving you much "oomph" going up, you'd downshift to 5th (~2500 rpm) or possibly 4th (3000 rpm) depending on the severity of the slope. Whichever it gear was would be a good guess at what it'd take to maintain speed going back down without having to ride the brake pedal (possible fade or glazing) or repeatedly hit the brakes harder for shorter periods of time (pissing off following drivers).

That actually amounts to a minor re-wording of what an experienced over the road semi driver would tell you. Just that in a car, you won't be downshifting as many gears whether you're going up the hill or coming down it.

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I changed my front pads at 50,000 miles and honestly I could've probably gotten another 20,000
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