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Scalded Dog

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A month ago, my dash lit up with all sorts of red and yellow lights, warning me of issues with ABS, traction control, stability control, and a couple of others (incidentally, no CEL, and my OBD reader did not indicate any error). The DIC told me to, "Service Stabilitrak." And, the car was acting funny: Under certain conditions/ speeds, the brake pedal would lightly pulse, while the sound of the ABS pump activating could be heard, relative to wheel speed.

I tried many of the suggestions found on this forum: I changed the spark plugs, I cleaned the MAF, I gave the battery a time- out. I inspected the car, top, bottom, inside and out, looking for any indication of a problem. I tore the brakes apart, looking for problems. Heck, I even changed the oil... why not?

Next, I spent five or six hours trying to read the output from the Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS) at each wheel, using a multimeter. Results were inconclusive. I went to my local mechanic to ask for advice. That was when I learned that he's got a device that plugs into the OBD port, that is like an OBD reader on steroids: It immediately identified a problem with the rear driver's side wheel. His device indicated a problem with the WSS, but also that there "was likely to be some additional problem."

I started with the WSS... $25, fairly easy to replace.

This CHANGED the problem... the dash warning lights were still activated, but the behavior of the ABS pump changed significantly. Still not correct, but different... telling me that, yes, the WSS had needed replacement (since a new WSS acted much different that the old one did), but that there was, indeed, some additional problem.

I had recently had the hub on that wheel out (I was replacing a broken lug stud). While the hub assembly was in my hand, I had noticed a thin metal ring on the back of the hub. The ring wasn't in great shape, but I thought little of it... figured it was just a spacer or retainer that wasn't pretty, but still appeared to be functional.

A few days later, I was replacing a lug stud on ANOTHER wheel (yes, lug stud breakage is another issue). I noticed this same thin metal ring, but saw a little dirt on it. I brushed the dirt away, but noticed that SOME of the dirt jumped back ONTO the ring, in a pattern! This told me that the ring was magnetized, and in a pattern.

This was when things began to click.

The little ring is called a "tone ring." As the wheel turns, the magnetized pattern runs past the WSS, generating signals that tell the computer how fast the wheel is turning. On my rear hub, that tone ring is not in good shape, thus generating a signal that is confusing to the computer.

I was unable to find any place that sold JUST the tone ring: I ended up purchasing an entire hub assembly (under $200). I installed that new hub, and my problems evaporated!
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Well , I learn something new.Thats a lotta work to figure that out.Glad ya got her fixed
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Thanks for posting your experience. Thats some really useful information that could come in handy one day.
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OP, you just made life a whole lot easier for the next person that experiences those symptoms. Thanks!
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crazier than a coconut
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Guess it’s time to rip the rear hub apart as I have the same indications on my dash. Thanks for taking the time to provide the info. Where did you purchase your hub assembly?


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