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Milk? That just proves how sexy a camaro is... wham bam thank you Chevrolet

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Agree - it could have been much worse. Here’s our Sonata totalled by a deer strike - caught the front driver’s side, rolled up the hood and smashed in the windshield and roof.

I was in the passenger seat, won’t forget that anytime soon...
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OP: Not too bad. Your car will be as good as new. I've had deer inflict far worse on my cars.
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Originally Posted by tomlink View Post
OP: Not too bad. Your car will be as good as new. I've had deer inflict far worse on my cars.
Still sad as ****, my camaro mesmorizes me everytime i look at it, and now everytime i look at the front end, i know it's there.
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69 SS 350 5 Speed
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Sorry for your accident. I hit a small deer in May of this year on the PA Turnpike with our 15 2SS RS. It was small enough that I ran over it as I hit it at 70 MPH. It broke out my fog light, cracked the paint on the bumper cover, the underside impact cracked the coolant recovery tank so it leaked coolant on the ground. As the deer passed under the right side of the car the hooves dinged the paint on the door and rocker panel in several places. No air bag deployment. We were 850 miles from home when it happened. I pulled the overflow hose out of the tank and put it in an empty water bottle. We drove the rest of the way home with no issues. Two weeks and $3,200.00 later, the car was as good as new. Comprehensive claim with $200.00 deductible. As a side note, the deer didn't make it.
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Scalded Dog

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Years ago, I rented cars frequently, but never purchased the insurance offered by the rental company. Finally, though, for one rental, on a lark, I purchased the insurance.

That night, I slammed into a buck. The snapshot image that remains in my mind was of that thing rolling aver the windshield (glad it did not come THROUGH the windshield, as has happened to some folks, many of whom are no longer with us).

CHP came out and finished off the injured deer off (this was in the years before I began carrying).

The car was drivable, but a mess.... many thousands of dollars damage was done.

However... because of my whimsical purchase of insurance, I was able to drop the car off, hand over the keys, and walk away, not a penny lighter.

I've had the misfortune, incidentally, of having two other deer collisions. Northern CA is crawling with those things, and no reasonable amount of caution will prevent the collisions that occur when a deer loses its cool, panics, and decides that the best course of action is to leap directly into the path of a moving automobile. I suppose Darwinism might eventually clear that little glitch out of their genes, but that's probably a few thousand years away...
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