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Electrical problem or engine i dont know. please help me!

Okay. here is my "everything problem" i've been dealing with on my camaro.

okay i bought my 2010 camaro Jan,2 2010 and it was bone stock from factory with only 9 miles on an LS.

the problems i've been having started ill say around march.. it all start going down hill. i started "modding" it. i added FOGLIGHTS , AUDIO SYSTEM ( composed of an amp and subwoofer) LED lights under the dash ( footwells ) change the dome light and the trunk light. and an exhaust...

and well it ran fine for a couple of weeks. but now im having all kind of problems. and my dealer hasnt been able to narrow it down.

first off. i have an engine code problem. ill get the code from the dealer in a couple of minutes. but i dont know what can be causing is how it start...ill start the car ( it does it at random times ) and it will start like rough idling. sounds horrible and the DIC says " horse power to engine reduced" something similar to that. thats the engine problem im having.

im also having transmission problem. its a V6 M6 and im having the famous 2nd gear pop off , grind problems. the dealer would take care of this. just wanted to point it out .

and im having another weird problem. im getting the Service stabilitrak message on the DIC and a put window up and down messages...

Now what i think can be causing this...i think its either my alternator is already messed up or my battery isnt strong enough/powerful enough. or i need a bigger battery.

the dealer has told me that it can be the BCM or something. but i dont know what can be causing this. they told me that GM/Chevy doesnt cover the bcm or something like that. i dont know what the problem can be and my dealer doesnt know what it can be.

i also have a weak start. so im thinking it can be the battery or alternator....

so please someone help me out on this one. i cant believe what it is. i think that it can be a lemon law...oh and my brakes squeak ive gone for the 3rd time to the dealership. so i dont know what to do. please helppp!!!!!!!!!
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OK going down your list, I didn't see anything that should cause you a problem until I got to EXHAUST. The rest of the mods you put in are simple light mods. Unless you hooked up enough lights to run a dance club then you shouldn't have very much of a current draw. This is providing, of course, that you wired everything correctly. Now, with that being said, the only other thing that you've added is an exhaust. With issues like a rough start, rough idle, horse power reduction it definitely points a finger to something involved with your exhaust installation. I don't know enough about exhausts to tell you what the problem could be but, my troubleshooting skills are at least pointing in the exhaust direction. I'd take it back to whoever did the install and have them check over what they did. It could be anything from a bad weld to a bad sensor. Like I said, I know nothing about exhausts but, from the issues you've described, the exhaust is the only thing you've changed that could affect your car to have the issues that you're having. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the exhaust. I'm just saying that it's the only thing that you changed that could have caused it. It may just be a bad control module or a problem with a harness.

Not to rip on your dealership but, their service department sounds worthless. In the customer service industry, it just seems like common courtesy to me, that when you bring somebody something you're having a problem with, they should take it and figure out what the problem is and then fix it. That's pretty much the expectation, I think, when you take something to somebody. That applies to everything from a toaster all the way up to an expensive vehicle. You are having vehicle problems and you don't know what is causing it. These things happen and leaving your vehicle with the dealership for a day or two should be enough for them to at least figure out what the problem is. It sounds to me that they are waiting for you to tell them what is wrong with it and then they'll fix it. How the hell are you supposed to know? It irritates the shit out of me to think that that's how they're handling their customers. They're basically shrugging at you and telling you they have no idea and aren't willing to put the time and energy in to figure it out and fix your problem. I find that unacceptable and if I were you I would take my car in there and raise hell. If you gave them the same info you've posted here about what mods you've done then it should be kinda obvious to start there and backtrack to find out what your problem is. They might try to charge you for it as changing your exhaust blows your exhaust warranty from GM away but, hell, they could at least tell you that. Instead, all you get is, "sorry man, don't know what could be wrong.". I'm sorry to get on my soapbox about this stuff but, piss poor customer service infuriates me. I am the nicest guy to customer service to try and get anything I am having an issue with fixed. I give all sorts of info and I am patient because I know sometimes troubleshooting takes time. If I get shitty customer service though, I become their worst nightmare. That's what they are paid to do and I expect them to do it. sigh... end rant.

Hopefully, this helped somewhat.

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