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Bondurant Driving School Offer...........

Good Morning, Camaro Comrades, Firebird Friends, and Corvette Cousins!

Just received the following offer from the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Chandler, (Phoenix) Arizona The Bondurant School is one of two schools that Chevrolet sponsors - the other being Spring Mountain Motor Park. (Pahrump-Las Vegas- Nevada)

Both Schools have just taken delivery of new 2011 Camaros - and they await your arrival. They also feature new Corvettes.

Below, you'll find a very generous offer from Bob Bondurant for groups of 6 or more. It's even MORE generous if you book your classes between June 15 and August 31.

For those of you who have not taken a course such as this, I highly recommend you consider enrolling. You will learn driving skills that you will use for the rest of your life - and I don't think it's a stretch to say that your experiences at the school will help you to avoid accidents (or worse....)

For questions - check out their website and simply drop them a note at - or call 800-842-7223.

You'll be glad you did!


Bob Writes:


All new at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, the 2011 Camaro SS has
arrived. The first to be offered at a performance driving school. This experience is second to
none in the Performance Driving Industry. In your two day class, you will learn trail braking,
accident avoidance techniques, skid control, Auto Cross Training, Slalom, and lead and follow
techniques on the Bondurant high speed road course.

Take advantage of this once in life time experience at the Bob Bondurant School of High
Performance Driving for only $2,375 tax included, per person for groups of 6 or more. Lunch
will be included as a part of your program for both days. Offer is good from May 1, 2011 to
December 31, 2011.
As an added bonus, if you book your class between June 1, 2011 and
August 31, 2011, we will take off an additional 15% and include a Bob Bondurant gift package
as a part of your order. Call 1-800-642-RACE to lock in your spot.
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Thats great Scott!

'11 IOM 2SS/RS LS3/6M HURST - Roto-Fab CAI-Kook's LTs-CORSA-Black Bear tuned
Proud Litho owner #190 - Homecoming Litho #120
'15 SILVERADO Z71 1500 LTZ Crew Cab - 6.2 "Midnight Edition" -Airaid intake-CORSA
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If they were closer I'd be all over it, hell, may need to rethink the vacation schedule this year...

Thanks Scott!
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Dances With Mustangs
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Having spent most of C5FII at their facility while they went way above and beyond helping me to get my car repaired (broke it during the Pfadt Track Attack) I can personally attest to the fantastic quality of this whole operation. The facility is first class and you won't find a better group of people anywhere.

The cost may seem high but when you consider that over the 2 days of training in their cars you're probably going to go through a set of tires, brake pads, plus the gas, plus the instructor's time, the lunch they provide... and the cost they have of providing and maintaining a facility like this with the tracks, the cars, etc.... at this price it's a deal and a half.

I saw several classes going through the various courses and everybody looked like they were having a blast.

I highly highly recommend these terrific people!

Blue Angel is here!!
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Driving School

If I had more vacation days at work and extra money I would take up on this offer ha! I did one of those hot laps with them and I enjoyed every second even though I was trying to grab for the e-brake Even when I went to go sign the waiver slips the girl at the front desk gave me sunscreen lotion since I forget mine at home ha! They are very friendly people all around and even the drivers are super cool! YOU GUYS TRULY ROCK
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Group Rate

Unfortunately, I don't have 5 friends who would want to do this...actually, I don't think I have 5 friends...LOL.

If anyone wants to do this at Bondurant, I'd be up for discussing dates to get the group rate. I live in northern California.
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Originally Posted by justdenny View Post
Unfortunately, I don't have 5 friends who would want to do this...actually, I don't think I have 5 friends...LOL.
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Drives: driving school in Toronto
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Wow! That's really great news.
Thanks for sharing such a nice post.
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Bondurant HPD
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Right on Scott!

This is 100% valid and thank you for sharing it!

We always have deals going to call and check up with us anytime.
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I wish I lived closer.... and I wish people (both drivers & tracks) did more things like this... I personally love these things.... they make you a much better and confident driver. Confident in both yourself and your cars ability.
Back Street Performance has done a great job with ALL my Performance & Suspension mods, highly recommend them (Rich@BSP) he's in my friends list.
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Resident Disciple
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In addition to Scott's comments about the benefits you will enjoy from the standpoint of becoming a better driver, I'd like to add my perspective on this.

Over the years, I've seen many people pump big money into their cars in order to make them go faster... I've even seen a divorce happen when the guy wouldn't stop spending $ on the car and the wife would say to anybody who would listen, "See his car out there in the driveway? That's my new kitchen!"

Interestingly enough, all that money made his car go faster, but it sure didn't make him a better driver! When I started participating in lapping days in 1999, my Camaro would always be one of more powerful cars out there - but what I couldn't understand at first was why I had to continually let slower cars (little 4 cyl. Mazdas etc.) pass me! Notice I said "slower cars" rather than "slower drivers".

These guys were just great drivers who could post faster lap times in their little 4 bangers, just because they were that good. So my philosophy changed to the point where I refocused my putting $ that I would use to modify the car, into making me a better (and consequently) a faster driver! Track schools are good!

My feeling is that the 1st place you should spend $ is on yourself - to make you a better driver... and then go make your car faster if you like! Hopefully, you'll be better able to make use of the new power!

Oh yeah - and aside from becoming a safer driver, the $ you spend on yourself is a permanent investment, unlike the many times you put $ into modding a car and really don't see too much of it back when the car is sold.

Just my $0.02.

Best regards,

2010 Cadillac CTS-V 6MN Thunder Gray
1998 Camaro SS # C079 SOLD
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Camaro Racing Specialist
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Wow, Bondurant is the best. So sweet to see they now have Camaros for their school. Good stuff! May have to make it out there if the opportunity presents itself!
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