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Thoughts on pro touring a 77

I am thinking about pro touring my 77 Camaro LT. I was just wondering how much I would be looking at spending. Anyone have any ideas.
Chevy Girl
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depends on the shape of your current setup

engine, trans, brakes, suspension, rear end (of the
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Camaro Performers magazine has a bunch of ads for company's products such as suspension needed for a pro-touring setup. Might be a good place to start.
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I am pro touring my 69 camaro and I will have over $10,000 in suspension and brakes, but that is on the higher end, It all depends on what you want,like a buget build , GM made some upgrades for the suspension like bigger sway bars and big brakes, but if you are wanting the best check out DSE
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If the body is mint then you can concentrate on the rest. Whats your budget?

It really depends what you intend to do with it. I have maybe, 3k into my suspension and brakes and they work quite well when running with the BMW and Porsche clubs I do track days with.

If you are looking for the look, you should not have to spend over 3k on the suspension and brakes. If you are looking to abuse it a bit expect to spend more to get the performance you need in braking, corning, roll control.

I bought my stuff used or new old stock someone else bought and never used. I patiently spent time searching for those items. I did the suspension geometry changes myself rather than buying a system that has that engineered into it (Guldstrand Mod).

Wheels tires are another consideration for the handling part. I did not compromise on the shocks being 12 way adjustable Konis. I used heim joints on the sway bars ends to make them adjustable allowing to set them up with a preload, which is a marginal advantage.

Urethane bushings of course everywhere. You will love it especially if you have owned it for a while and are used to the way it currently drives and handles.

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Posts: 2,241 tons of info and a lot of help. They have answered a lot of ? I had on my 68 Pro Tour project as far as options and different manufactures components working together before I spent the $
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It all depends on just exactly you want ,your budget,and mechanical skills.This is mine 1979 Z-28 RS it has taken years to build.
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Originally Posted by Zspoiler View Post
It all depends on just exactly you want ,your budget,and mechanical skills.This is mine 1979 Z-28 RS it has taken years to build.
You do realize that post is from 10 years ago and the OP hasn't' posted since then.

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