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New guy with ZL1 ?ís

Hello all. I come from the world of Trans Ams, 02 WS6 and a 79 Bandit. Iím not totally unfamiliar with ZL1s but I want to know a bit more. Recently stumbled on to a 2012/auto. with 1800 miles. It appears to be priced below market (estate sale, widow wants it gone). Anything particular with these cars I should watch out for in regards to these first year cars? I have an appointment to see it tomorrow and just want to know what to look for beyond the obvious. Iím sure itís gonna need fluid and tire changes before putting it the road. Not gonna be a daily, just 3-4K a year. Thanks in advance....hope to become a ZL1 owner and part of this page!
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Some ol' dude
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The 2012's have a more basic display; google "My link". You know what you're getting go for it.
The magnetic shocks sometimes fail and you might see oil stain on them to indicate that. They are expensive to replace but on a low priced low mi car I wouldn't let that stop me even if it has that issue. There is the mpg being low but I assume you know that already.

The primary groups that don't enjoy the purchase come from Z06 Corvette owners, especially supercharged or other 700+rwhp cars who complain it isn't fast as they expected in stock form. If your other cars were not supercharged you will be impressed with the performance and there are easy hp upgrades too.

This isn't a pre-purchase item to look for, but post purchase maintenance. The intercooler circuit is separate from the radiator coolant. You likely need to add dexron orange coolant several times in small quantities to it. The add port is under the red cover in front turned sideways.

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Drives: Trans Am
Join Date: Nov 2018
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I appreciate the response. I've had a little seat time in a Hellcat as well as a Roush Mustang...both much faster than a LS1 TA. But this will be my first time owning a SC car. I'm sure 500 or so rwhp will be fun! I assume as time goes by I will hunt for more power. The shock and intercooler info is just what I need.....never occurred to me the intercooler has its own fluid. Being a garage queen for 7 years isn't good for any car. Hopefully no dried seals/oil leaks etc.

I'm poking around the site gathering as much info as I can. This car doesn't have the sunroof or carbon fiber hood insert. Beyond that I'm not sure.
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Brutale arancia
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You might want to search regarding the supercharger. Has an extended warranty for 10 yrs. or 120K miles. It doesn't fail but gets noisy. Free replacement but mods will nullify the warranty.
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