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one wheelin
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EDIT: To the ones that do not like the commercial.
Lets see you make one, do you have the material camera money time ect.
You think a corporate company did a bad job, then lets see what you have.

rant over.
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Very nice!!!!
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I watched it first with sound turned down when I was in work mode and although it did not make a lot of sense I liked it better than when I turned the sound up and heard the Beavis and Butthead voiceover....

I like the idea of broader marketing to women - but really - is this the way to do it ?
Ad - targetted at women - designed by males = fail in my opinion - but I am interested to see what the ladies in the community say
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Sorry, there is no way a teacher can afford a V8. Fly off a building, yes. teacher, NO.
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San Diego Head Tuners
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I thought that was a lot of fun!
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:bellyroll :
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Originally Posted by Imjaybird View Post
Sorry, there is no way a teacher can afford a V8. Fly off a building, yes. teacher, NO.
Fly off a building, NO! Unless you prefer your Camaro in pieces, or it's a near-invulnerable robot underneath.

As for the teacher bit, it depends on savings, lifestyle, other responsibilities, marital status, etc., just like for everyone else. Not to mention where you teach - some regions pay more than others. I make just a bit more than what an average starting teacher's salary is here in the Delaware Valley and could afford a down-payment on the V6 within six months of starting my job - I don't see why a teacher who saves a little longer couldn't get the V8 too.

I think it was a very good commercial. As others have said (and fbodfather confirmed) this is meant to appeal to a variety of demographics, not just the one segment whose ideal commercial is the Camaro burning rubber and wiping the floor with a Mustang and Challenger doing a 1/4 mi. The point is to maximize sales, and this does that IMO. Muscle car enthusiasts will recognize the name and be impressed by the horsepower figure. People who aren't into cars that much but want something sporty and stylish will see nice beauty shots showing off the Camaro's sleek lines. The narration is kinda goofy, but young people will hear young people talking like young people talk, not some gray-haired guy talking about how this car compares to his old '69 Z/28. And women will see obviously attractive but respectable - not scantily-clad eye candy - members of their gender looking good driving around in the car. There's a lot of clever brilliance in this one.

This isn't the first really well-done GM commercial recently, either. Ignoring the Al's Chevy commercial for a minute, the new Cadillac CTS-V runs with Corvettes and Vipers, but its commercials highlight the merging of luxury with engineering excellence... and oh yeah by the way you also just so happen to get arguably super-car performance along with the rest of it, in case you were wondering, at a bargain price compared to a Z06 or Viper, too. So this isn't your grandfather's "old-people-mobile" car company anymore.

In both cases the commercials are bold and fresh and don't just aim to please the one demographic you'd expect and quite possibly won't belong to. This is what GM needs to do post-bailout and I think they're doing very well so far. Except for the rare Corvette commercials, GM's advertising used to be sleep-inducing. Now (with the exception of most truck commercials, IMO - they all seem to be the same no matter who the manufacturer is), GM is making people sit up and take notice.
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Wink Worthy

Originally Posted by lil_red_v6 View Post
should it be front page worthy?
Anything to do with a Camaro is front page worthy!
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I love it! So awesome. Camaro news has been kinda slow (you can only report on the convertible unveiling so many times) so it was nice to see something different. Too bad they'll shorten it, but that always happens. This is probably better than most of the ads for the super bowl will be.
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LOL!!! I love It... Thats how it is when my wife drives the Car out!!!!!
" Drive It Like You Stole It "
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Love it!
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Why should it be strange that a woman who is teacher drives an SS??? Seems normal to me.
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Our Nightmare
Stock??? LOL
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Best Camaro commercial yet! I laughed, I cried, I wet myself just a little.
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