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Originally Posted by Elite Engineering View Post
Cloyes has a great video. Watch it several times before you start as some of the timing is tricky:

And of course, to avoid failure in the future ONLY use full synthetic oil, and make sure it is not the super thin viscosity the owners manual states. A 0w40-50 is best on all GDI engines. A 5w50 is also good. And of course, install our E2-X catchcan system with cleanside to keep that oil clean as possible, and while you have the intake manifold off, search for the intake valve cleaning threads on here and do the same. You wont believe the difference it makes to get 15-20 HP back.

Is an oil that thick in viscosity good though? I thought the whole point in using an oil that's thin was for the components in the VVT system.
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0w30,40 or 5w50 oil are a better choice than the 5w30 instruction manual?
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Thanks guys for all the advice. I tore into it last night. Power steering pump makes the one bolt a little bit of a pain. Lot of electronics on these! I will take the timing cover off tomorrow morning. It’s all ready. I was surprised that the top two chains weren’t that loose? Haven’t seen the bottom one yet. I did get the solenoids to change out.
Back at it tomorrow.
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Change the oil tomorrow and I should be good. Probably need to get a new harmonic pulley bolt?
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Id say yes to the bolt. I replaced mine for my timing replacement.

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Long time folks! Just rereading this memories!

Time to update everyone
Consult your doctor before taking Camaro
Side effects include Sudden increase in Heart Rate, Insomnia and occasional hallucinations
If you experience Permagrin exceeding 4 hours after taking Camaro, seek immediate Camaro5 Help
CAMARO Bringing excitment back into the Garage
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I'm doing mine right now I cant seem to get to the 2nd phase of the timing my crankshaft wont route anymore I'm about a 1/4 off of 9 o'clock for second phase anybody have any ideas ?
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i would start over with the chains if you run into issues like that , just to be safe !!
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