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Drives: '14 ZL1 RRM M6
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Regret Doing Mods?

I was wondering if anyone regrets doing Mods, and wishes they had left their car stock??.....Honestly!
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Drives: 2013 CRT ZL1 auto
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Well I have not done anything that I regret up to now. I will admit that I am SERIOUSLY considering doing a cam. I have to think long and hard about this mod, with fear of regret later as an aftermarket cam will lower the resale of the car so severely that it will essentially become mine forever. I don't plan to sell it or anything, but I don't know what to expect from the Gen6, and the C7 is so amazing. It just gives me pause and makes me want to take my time to decide. On the other hand, whatever I end up with will need a cam and you spend so much money jumping from car to car that I will likely cam and keep what I have.
SOLD - 2013 1LE - Pat G Spec'd Cam, NPP with 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers with High Flow Cats, Intake w/scoop, Ported Throttle Body, and Apex 1.25" Lowering Springs.
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white ZL1

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I have no regrets. I'm already thinking about what's next.

If you have no interest in racing, either in a straight line or turning the steering wheel, I would think the car has plenty of power stock.
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el ess A
formerly "el ess X"
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Never regret a mod...

As comedian Kip Adotta might say:

1. Commit to the mod
2. Go THROUGH the mod
3. Never, ever ask permission to DO the mod

All my mods are totally reversible. On the ZL1, I have a CAI cai, a catch can, plug-in skip shift eliminator, and quarter panel gill highlight decals. That's it.

I'm hesitant to mod the car further because I spent the money to have GM build up the HP for me. I might do one more, like get some black OEM 10-spokes so I can have options, but moneys a bit tight at the moment.

But having GM "mod" the car for me is why I bouth a ZL1, and I'm long over my HP junkie days looking for more. It's plenty fast enough for me, and I'm enjoying the car immensely. Although, if you are wanting more, it's an excellent platform to start.
2010/2013 Camaro  4774
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Old 08-25-2014, 02:23 PM   #6
G Money
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Drives: 2013 ZL1, 2016 Denali HD
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NO ! Love it !
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I honestly have to say there have been plenty of times that I regret modding my car. Becasue I always have to tendency to never stop. But I was able to turn a high 11 in my car bone stock. And in reality it was a fun car that I didn't mind driving daily. The mpg wasn't much worse than that of my SS. But there have been plenty of times that I regret modding. But I guess it would all depend on the mods. I'm thinking the typical cold air, pulley setup, header combo wouldn't be that bad at all. But when do you It's an addiction for me... It's like a bad habit...
2013 ZL1 Camaro - Crystal Red Tint / A6
Best so far of 10.50 @ 134.50 w/ 1.58 60' on 20" Nitto NT05R's (Camaro5 Fest - Royal Purple Raceway)
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Old 08-25-2014, 02:39 PM   #8
Drives: 2014 Yellow L99
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i havent really done any mods to my camaro, just basic things. Mostly because im already tired of it and all this talk about the 2016 camaro and hell cat have me feeling some type of way lol the only thing i regret is going through 3 camaros in a year lol
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Old 08-25-2014, 02:40 PM   #9
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No. Not at all.
2013 Camaro ZL1 Black M6
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Old 08-25-2014, 03:14 PM   #10
Drives: 2013 ZL1
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I had an 11 ss. Hennessey intake ARH goin from the headers to the tips pfdat coil overs pioneer navi and stuff I'm probably forgetting. I thought I over engineered her and ruined the ride now I have a zl1 so far added a k&n intake. I miss my 11 I really do I know I'm going to mod again this is my 4th car I have owned and once again after swearing id never mod again here I am deciding my next move. Slp long tubes perhaps. Pulley setup then a tune. Sorry side tracked lol. Anyway just do your homework. Anything u want to do was probably attempted failed attempted again by others and someone out there hates it someone else loves it. Don't be afraid just be educated make her all your own. That's my 2 cents haha.
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50th Anniversary Vert
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No but if I had to do it again, I would skip the body parts, get it lowered and slap on some 22s.
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Old 08-25-2014, 03:55 PM   #12
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Drives: '14 ZL1 RRM M6
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I really appreciate everyone's candid feedback, and the fact that no one flared up on me.....which I've seen happen here.
I'm not a kid, and I have been fortunate enough to own a number of nice cars over the years, but for the sheer power and drivability of my is simply the best car I've owned.
Think I'll just leave it as it is......for now.
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Old 08-25-2014, 04:14 PM   #13
Speed Freak
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To be honest I have a few regrets.

I regret starting so cautiously, this chassis can handle anything you can throw at it.

I regret trying to buy "bargain" items like clutches, when I should have spent the big bucks on the good stuff right off.

But go back to stock, no way.
2016 SS -AGP twin Borg Warner 7163 EFR's, LT4 mechanical pump, LT4 injectors, Walbro 255 low side, Castrol SRF. 734whp/759 tq

2013 ZL1 -ADM - 427 LSX 6 bolt, O-ringed block built by LME. Twin PT6466 turbos. RPM custom manual trans, RPS Quad carbon clutch, 9" Hendrix rear diff & axles. ADM/squash fuel system, Ron Davis radiator, Spal fans, AGP air to air, turbo plumbing. LPE oil cooler, rear bushing upgrade, roll bar...etc. rwhp 1400+... 212.5mph, best Texas mile to date.
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Old 08-25-2014, 04:20 PM   #14

Drives: 2006 Z06
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Jesse, you won't regret it. Your car is silly is all I'm going to say.
Corvette Z06 -1200ish rwhp
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