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Heck no!

The reason I am on here right now today is I'm just waiting for the phone call telling me my car is ready to pick up. I bought this car to modify as I knew that it was a platform that easily welcomes modifications. Suspension and body parts almost done. The engine will be next with extensive modifications. No regrets, and no wife so it's easy.
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Originally Posted by Unreal View Post
Jesse, you won't regret it. Your car is silly is all I'm going to say.
A good kind of silly.

"the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.”
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Regrets yes, Regrets and want to go back to stock, HELL NO!! I wish I had done a little more, Maybe the 750 package, now that's just being greedy. This car is soooo much fun to drive, you think it's fun stock, get quicker throttle response, faster all around, and the roar that turns heads. Now your talking!
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Ragtop Rocket!!!
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We all know a mans car is like a mans pecker. Now imagine you dropped a few grand on your pecker and now it's 40-50% bigger and badder than it ever was stock. Would you regret it???
ADM built 2013 Triple Black ZL-1 Convertible M6
ADM custom cam, LPE stage 2 heads with dual valve springs, LS-3 ported throttle body, LPE 2 piece pulley, LPE overdrive balancer, 10% overdrive pulley, ported supercharger inlet, ADM race intake system, stainless works 1-7/8 headers, Injector Dynamics injectors, ADM heat exchanger, ADM dual fuel pump system, ADM exhaust switch, ADM 3 tunes tuning package.
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Never regretted modding any of my cars !

Im sure we can all agree

its a hobby/addiction/lifestyle !!
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Mods make it YOURS. Otherwise, your ZL1 is just another one of the thousands out there. From simply changing the color of your bowties, to a full on 750HP Hennessey package, do whatever YOU want to do--and never look back.

I'll made plenty of mods and I have zero regrets. It's what makes mine different from all the others.

And no, I don't know where it'll end!?!?!?!
There are only so many days in your lifetime. So get out and drive your Camaro...

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Hide! My wife's coming!
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I went all the way on my ZL1 :-) NO REGRETS except for the money I spent. Haha

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Not at all... My car is so much better that it was when it was stock. All my mods were carefully selected to retain comfort and drivability. It is a little stiffer because of the sways and bushings, but in a good way. The cam is small and drives like stock. My gears are sick!

Take your time and be sure you are aware of both the positives and negatives of anything you do to your car... Regret is not a good feeling...
Current - 2018 NGM 1LE (LT4 conversion coming soon)
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No no no.
The more the merrier!!

2014 ZL1 M6
Bone stock, for now!

2001 Z28 M6
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OE Wheels Chrome C5 DDs, 18x10.5s, with 295/35-18s on all 4 corners!
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Drives: 2013 ZL1 VERT M6
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I have modded most of my vehicles with very few regrets.

These vehicles are made to withstand some serious modding.
Big bonus for us.

Since they have been out for a while and you can see all the mods everyone has done and their longevity. It makes modding great.
No wasting money on the wrong mods.

This has been one of my favorite vehicles to mod. So many great companies to chose from for mods. They are all listed right here, so most of the research has been done for you.
Find one and build a relationship with them.

Don't get me wrong these cars are great from the factory.

But one ride in a modded one will make you wish you did this earlier.

Mod on
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The only time I think you will regret it is when you effect the drivability of the car or mod it to the point where you have to work on it all the time because your breaking stuff from making it so fast. Honestly was worried about mine after I put the Cam in it, but the car drives great, going down the road the pipes are really quiet, I still get good gas mileage and it is reliable and has not over heated....I enjoyed it when I bought it, I love it now.
Roto-Fab CAI, Texas Speed Headers, Texas Speed X-Pipe, Texas Speed LS3-B Blower Cam, Metco 9.10" Crank Pulley, Metco 2.5 Upper Pulley, ID 850 Injectors, LPE Ported Throttle Body, Alky Control Methanol kit, E2 Catch Can, 610HP / 608 Torque.
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No regrets just wish I had a money tree out back so I could do more!!!!!!
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no ragrets!!!
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white ZL1

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Originally Posted by Stephen12ZL1 View Post
no ragrets!!!
Not even one letter?
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