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Originally Posted by Aceinthesky2002 View Post
So I called a Chevy dealer about the vehicle and was told that they have been recently switching to 0w20 oil on the newer zl1's. He said the in the earlier models 2013 and lower they where using 5w30 wich would should slightly higher oil pressure. Can anyone confirm this?
I think they switched to 0w40
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If that’s the Oil Pressure at idle you’re good. I have a 2104 ZL1 and that’s about where mine is at idle.
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Mine sits down there at idle if warm. The gauge isn't exactly accurate. I think obd2 gauge says 25-30 when its down there.
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Originally Posted by Aceinthesky2002 View Post
I know the lt4 vs lsa, but he was referring to 2014-2015 zl1. I contacted the dealer that did the oil change on this vehicle and he said it was done 12/17, they used Mobil 1 5w30
The pressure on a 2013 ZL1 (LSA) is between 32 and 40 psi; 32 at idle, completely full (7.6 L of oil).

On the track it temporarily dropped down to 25 psi after driving it hard. I'm running Mobil1 5W 30, but will change it for Mobil1 5W 50 again come next oil change.

I change the engine and differential oils before and after the track, as per the owner's manual, so I was running on fresh oil which only had about five hours of normal highway driving on it before the track. I hope that you find this information helpful and wish you the best of luck buying a ZL1. They are an incredible joy to drive.
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My 2012 runs just a hair under 30 psi when warmed up and idling.
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