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Thrifty Vs Fifty Ep 4 : UWW+ (clay lube dilution) vs DP Universal Clay Lubricant


Hey guys, this is the fourth episode in a series of videos I'm making called Thrifty vs Fifty.

Essentially I'm comparing two products that can do the same function: one with a low price tag and the other with a high one... and to see if the added price is worth it. Hence, the thrifty vs fifty.

I'm not just going around finding the cheapest and most expensive options out there and comparing them. In my eyes, that comparison would be useless. I am comparing two products that people on forums have highly recommended for a certain task and then if they have big enough different price points, making a video comparison.


Last episode was on clay and clay alternatives. Today's episode is on clay lubricants.

Ultima Waterless Wash (clay lube dilution) vs Detailer's Pro Universal Clay Lubricant.

So without further ado, here is the video:

Thrifty Vs Fifty Episode 4


Not surprisingly, both products work well.

A pro of DP clay lube is the visual indication that I explain in the video.

The pro of UWW+ is price for the amount of clay lube you can make. One 16 oz bottle of concentrate can make about 5.5 GALLONS of clay lube!


UWW+ gets the advantage from me because I saw no difference in performance between the two clay lubes. The whole point of this series is to save money, so why pay more for the DP when UWW+ works just as well?


Hope you guys enjoyed

Please check out my youtube detailing channel:

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