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The end of a wonderful journey

Well that magical day has arrived. **Warning this is long ** Before i post some pics i would like to share a about who am i and how i have become a new 2010 camaro owner. Well it all started for me back when i was 8 years old my dad came home with a 1975 trans am. I loved that car it was just too cool for words. Dad didn't buy it as much as he wanted to as he had 3 kids so back to the dealer it went. Fast forward to the late 80's i come home with my first car a 82 civic there is this 1979 blue trans am in the driveway . Dad flips me the keys and say congrats to graduating high school enjoy. I stood there stunned thinking did i hear this right im the new owner of a muscle car. I loved that car it was great i spent the first night till 2 am in the morning feeling it up.

Then in the early 90's at my first real job i got a lift from a guy at work with a third generation 1982 trans am. It was red with the t tops out it was just insane cool at the time to be in it. I had to have one but i thought the camaro was a better looking car so i get my first camaro a 1982 Z28 with t-tops of course. My friends used to call it tee time before we would take it out for a spin. Over the years since that 1982 camaro i bought and sold others i was totally addicted i couldnt help myself. I bought and sold many muscle cars over the years. They were as follows a 1982 trans am,85 Z28,84 trans am then a 1979 bandit trans am. It was a wonderful ride but becoming a dad in 2001 it came to an end. I told the wife when the timing was right i would get another camaro/firebird in the future.

Then in 2007 or so i seen a bad video clip of the camaro concept car but it was hard to tell how nice the car was as the quality of the video was so poor. I liked it but i wanted to see it close to the production model in the streets. I'll never forget it here i am 36 years old when my wife takes me to see transformers 1
I honestly didn't know the new camaro was in the movie. I must have been living under a rock or something as the first scene when it change's to the the new camaro i sat in my chair stunned. My exact words to wife "are u @#$# kidding me that car is insane". I dont remember the rest of the movie i just sat there with a stupid grin on my face then turned to wife and said "see that car?". She ask me why i tell her "take a good look at its going to be in my driveway period".

Since then i have followed this car religiously from seeing it in the Toronto auto show this spring to test driving both models before deciding the options for me that fit well. I had a real heart break in the spring when i lost my dad after a 2 year battle with cancer so i was side tracked for a while. Well its fall i am ready to buy my 2LT RS rally yellow or if i cant get it the iom 2010 camaro. I am not going to order one as the way it has been handled by GM im buying a inventory camaro. I came close to a iom but it wasnt meant to be as i missed it by a few hours.

But low and behold as luck would have it Hylton posts this up on the boards i owe him a huge thank you . Its perfect a 2LT RS rally yellow camaro. I call on it asap at work and put a deposit on it right then and there. Yes i had my credit car on me at all times sitting in my lunch box for just such a case. When u find the camaro u like on a lot you dont mess around and chew on it for a few days you buy it asap.
Getting this car was not going to be easy it was a 14 hour total drive there and back so i had a busy weekend ahead of me. I get there at 11 am saturday with some family members to pick it up. So after this long and wonderful journey i get to enjoy my new camaro. It is everything i wanted it to be and more. I drove 700 kms home it felt like 7. Enjoy the pics.

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Congrats, Nice pics Welcome Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats and welcome home! I had a 1984 Z-28 that I owned when I was a kid and I can't wait to get another Camaro.
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I lost my dad fifteen years ago and miss him so much. There will be several times you will say to yourself that you wish Dad was here to share this or that with. He never got to see my sons. One won the state wrestling championship and looks like him. Even after all these years, just typing this makes me tear up not getting to share that wrestling season with him.
Beautiful Camaro.

And you got to meet Dick Chaney too!
Hell, I suppose that there are several on here that remember their fist time falling in love with a F body.
My sister bought a 1968 Matador Red Camaro, blacked out around the taillights like the SS396 375, Cragars and black Z28 stripes. Thought it was the baddest car I'd ever seen and didn't know one day that it would be mine four years later. My third car was a second gen. Camaro then a Corvette.
The first Trans Am I ever saw was white and it was just sitting there in a parking lot. I couldn't wait to tell somebody about this totally bad Azz car called a Trans Am.
My wife had a blue 75 Firebird and a red 84 Firebird that I think I loved more than she did.
Not too many know this, my Camaro is a daily driver... I work for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. I pull up in a Victory Red 2010 Camaro every day. One of the vendors at work said to me " Tell the Manager about that new Camry out in the parking lot that you bought".
The manager said " You bought a new Camry?" I said, "I bought a new CAM-aro!"
Some have given me some good natured ribbing for buying it and driving to work in it. I just reminds me so much of that Camaro I first saw my sister drive up in all those years ago.

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nice car man lookin sweet!!!!
Delivered on 25th B-Day 9-14-09

How cool is that!!!
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That's a beautiful car.
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Great story, and congratulations, she's a beauti!
(Drive Safely & Responsibly)

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(April 23, 2018)
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that guy from Meyer motors looks like Dick Cheney.
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Send a message via MSN to BLACK67
Congratulations! Enjoy.
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SS Man
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Great story. You're going to love it. I look forward to every drive and I'm sure you will to. Congratulations!
2SS/RS IOM/White Stripes, Gray Int. 6M, Polished Alum Wheels
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Originally Posted by tradosaurus View Post

that guy from Meyer motors looks like Dick Cheney.
rofl, I was going to say the exact same thing before I even read any of the follow up posts. Strangely enough, I can't really see him being a car salesman, but could see him being the GM.
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NOICE!!! ô
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Nice and congrats
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Originally Posted by tradosaurus View Post

that guy from Meyer motors looks like Dick Cheney.

If im not mistaken it was him. He wasn't the salesman he just quickly showed me the options of the car. Steve George was my salesman.
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