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Milk 1027
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ECM History Log check (GM Can read previous tunes!!)

#09-06-04-026B: Identifying Non-GM (Aftermarket) Engine and Transmission Calibrations for V8 Gas Engines Using Tech 2 or Global Diagnostic System (GDS) - (Apr 7, 2010)

Subject: Identifying Non-GM (Aftermarket) Engine and Transmission Calibrations for V8 Gas Engines Using Tech 2® or Global Diagnostic System (GDS)

Retrieving Calibrations From a Global A Vehicle

This information applies to the 2010 Camaro and is typical of the procedure that will be used on Global A vehicles.

1. Turn OFF the ignition.
2. Connect the MDI to the Data Link Connector (DLC) of the vehicle.

Note: Use the USB port to make the following MDI connection:
3. Connect the MDI to a PC or laptop that has been downloaded with the GDS application from TIS2WEB.

Note: At least one Diagnostic Package must be installed on the PC to perform diagnostics.
4. If GDS was just installed, select: Add New Diagnostic Package and then select: a Diagnostic Package to download. Click: On the GDS icon on the PC.
5. The Login Page will appear.
6. Select: A User.
7. The ID Screen will appear.
8. Select: The serial number of the MDI being used.
9. Select: Connect.
10. Verify that the system status is ready by observing for a flashing PC light icon on the MDI.
11. Select: Make, Model and Model Year, in order to build the vehicle.
12. Click: Upload VIN, to allow the VIN to be reported to the PC.
13. At: The Verification step, turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
14. Select: Next Action.
15. The Home Page will appear.
16. Select: Next.
17. The Diagnostic Screen will appear.

Note: Due to vehicle build, software and RPO variations, GDS may ask for additional information in Step 18.
18. Select: Engine ID, if prompted.
19. Select: Module Diagnostics.
20. Select: ECM.
21. Select: ID Information.
22. The Diagnostics page will appear.

Note: GDS is capable of displaying up to 10 Calibration History events.
23. Select: Calibration History from the drop down menu in order to display the following items on the screen:
• Calibration History Buffer
• Number of Calibration History Events Stored
• Calibration Part Number History
• Calibration Verification Number History
24. Select: Screenshot.
25. Name and save the file in an appropriate folder.
26. Select : Print, and retain a copy of the screenshot with the repair order.
27. E-mail a copy of the screenshot to In the subject line of the e-mail include the phrase "V8 Cal" as well as the complete VIN and Dealer BAC. In the body of the e-mail, include the VIN, mileage, R.O. number and BAC. Include a brief description of the customer concern and cause of the concern.

Note: The dealer will receive an e-mail reply after the calibrations have been validated. The e-mail reply will advise the dealer if the calibrations are OEM.
28. Allow two hours for the PQC to verify the calibrations and set up the case details.
⇒ If the PQC determines that the calibrations ARE aftermarket calibrations, DO NOT contact GM Technical Assistance to discuss warranty concerns on the aftermarket calibrations. ALL questions and concerns about warranty should be directed to the dealers Fixed Operations Manager (FOM), (Warranty Manager (WM) in Canada).
29. You may call the PQC two hours after submitting the e-mail for authorization to replace the assembly. This will provide them time to receive, review and set up a case on the request. Please be prepared to provide all the usual documentation that is normally required when requesting an assembly authorization from the PQC.

Warranty Information
• The Dealership Service Management must be involved in any situation that would justify the use of labor operation Z1111.
• Notify the Fixed Operations Manager (FOM) (Warranty Manager (WM) in Canada) of the situation.
• All claims will have to be routed to the FOM (WM in Canada) for approval.
• Please refer to Corporate Bulletin Number 09-00-89-016, Labor Operation Z1111 - Suspected Tampering or Vehicle Modifications for important information.
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Milk 1027
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Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
I have a proposal for diablosports and vectormotorsports (since they are the main two who claim their tunes cannot be detected).

Let's take an ecm from a volunteer car (preferably one who already has a voided warranty due to mods) be tuned and then reflashed to factory tune. Then have the car tested by a trustworthy GM dealership.

I will retract anything I've ever said on this issue if you prove your tunes cannot be detected.

I think that's a pretty fair and simple solution to this debate.
Offer is still standing.
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^^^I second that motion and will never revisit the topic again.
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