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Originally Posted by fishcop View Post
I got the same problem now on my 2013 Camaro SS (EU).
Yesterday I talked to Chevrolet regarding this issue but they declined to fix it on warranty.

The problem was that it was only once so far and after a small break of 15 minutes the HUD worked properly again. Shame on the warrenty runs out until April 2016. I don't drive my Camaro in wintertime so the chance it will happen again is kind of small - and if its happen again I need to drive to my next service garage (about 100km.) and show them the issue live. Otherwise Chevrolet Warranty EU wont fix the problem

If someone knows in which bulletin I can find a description of this error it would help a lot. Chevrolet EU said that there no is no bulletin at the moment regarding this issue

Any help to this issue is highly appreciated....

Happened to me when I had my 2013 Camaro. Would happen intermittently and once car cycled off it went away. It would come back every so often.

With this type of issue since its intermittent, I took a video with my phone to show the advisor, you can do the same thing to prove its acting up for them to fix and replace it. If I didn't do that, they wouldn't have seen it first hand cause it happened occasionally.

With these types of issues (when I was working at GM on Development vehicles) if an electrical issue occurred we asked the driver NOT to turn off car so we could take readings and figure out what is going on to properly look into the issue and diagnose whats going on.

In your case, its best to go to the dealer right away when it happens so they can see firsthand, just do NOT turn off the car and cycle the ignition, otherwise it is all for nothing and no way to tell whats going on or see it firsthand.
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Mine started back again - 13 Camaro SS - Seems to be no rhyme or reason? Dealer was going to replace my HUD, but actually called asking how long it's been doing it saying "If it were my car, ..I wouldn't replace the HUD cause the car might not be the same after we tear the dash apart"
lol.,,so they are trying to talk me out of getting it done.
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This exact problem just happened to me on my way home from the doctor today. I turned it on and off a few times and the problem remained. I'm going to let it sit awhile and try again tomorrow.

My warrantee expired in May

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