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Funny story thread!

The thread where the unfortunate clueless Mustang owner by being gullible enough to get punked on an internet MB and ruin his engine, and the other rather humurous additions got me thinking about a thread of funny stories. I was going to post this there, but thought I start a new thread here. It's kind of long, but hopefully worth a read.

Well there are people out there that do tend to be a bit clueless to things automotive. Back in the very late 70’s my sister who is a couple of years older than me had this little Olds Starfire with the V6 in it. Now my sister, God love her, was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She was a straight “A” student and all, but lacks more basic “common knowledge.” ( i.e., common sense).
One day she asked me something I don’t even remember and I asked her if she’d checked her oil recently. A confused look crossed her face and she replied:
“You put oil in it?!?!?!?!! I thought you just had to put GAS in it!”

But my all time favorite took place on day while my parents were away in Florida. My sister and I were taking care of the house here in Indy. My girlfriend who lived in Kokomo was down here staying with me. I was outside vacuuming my car in the driveway parked behind the occupied right side of the two car garage. My sister’s car was inside the garage on the left side. I was just finishing up and was on the driver’s side of my car. My sister came outside and the following conversation occurred:

Sister: “When you’re done leave the vacuum there, I want to do my car.”
Me: “OK, I’ll just put it inside the garage door there between the cars.”
Sister: “No, just leave it there. I’m going to do mine in the garage.”
Me: “Are you sure? I’ll just stick it inside the door there.”
Sister: “Yes I’m sure. Just leave it there.”

So the girlfriend and I go inside, tell my sister I'm done, and go downstairs to shoot some pool. As we were going in I tell her, “Just watch, my sister’s going to run over the vacuum cleaner.” I was certain of it hence my reluctance to leave the vacuum where I was instructed. We had no sooner racked up the balls and just started a game when my sister comes flying downstairs with a look of panic on her face.

Sister: “Oh my God Mike, you’ll never guess what just happened!!!!!!”
I looked her straight in the eye and immediately dead panned:
“Well, you ran over the vacuum cleaner!”

I the look of panic quickly morphed into a look of astonishment and I swear to you she almost fell over in shock. She thought I was psychic or something. Girlfriend was pretty impressed as well. You see you can’t vacuum a car in a dark garage. You’d want to back it out into the sun so you can see. You know, right over the top of the vacuum you walked by seconds ago. Poor thing, was all jammed under the middle of the car with all its wheels sheared off and laying around like severed limbs. I still chuckle to this day when I recall that particular one.
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