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I'm just over 15,000km's and have noticed my mileage improving slightly as the engine gets more k's on it. I just did a trip this weekend ~500km's round and got 11 L/100km. which is about 21 MPG. that's average including quite a bit of city driving. Definitely use 6th gear. If the family complains about drone, mabye look into getting a catback or axleback. I've never noticed drone in my stock SS in 6th.
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Originally Posted by Albion View Post
Unfortuneately,my family complains about the drone in the Cab if i drive in 6th for too long,so invariably i find myself in 5th,which as we well know is fine,especially on our small roads in England.

Dynomat the trunk.
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mutant chicken
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Seriously, anyone really checks the milage in this car ??
You don't buy this car for it's incredible milage..... : )
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Originally Posted by mutant chicken View Post
Seriously, anyone really checks the milage in this car ??
You don't buy this car for it's incredible milage..... : )
But I appreciate this car for its incredible mileage (over 27mpg for me on the Interstate at 70mph). I mean really??? Why turn a phenomenal MPG for a SS into a "Man Thing"? Really...

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1100 mile trip to Road ATL. 23 avg.

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For some reason, I have a hard time averaging anything higher than 13mpg in my SS M6.
Most of my driving is in the city, with a couple highway trips on the weekends. Sometimes I try coasting as much as possible, and sometimes I put it through its paces.

The only modification I've done is to add a K&N air intake, and prior to that I think 17mpg was my average for city driving.

I don't know too much about engines, but I can guess that the increased air availability would allow for more fuel to be burned, but almost 25% more fuel?

Anyone have any thoughts on that?
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I work for a Diesel Engine manufacturer, and fuel mileage is one of the biggest concerns people had when I was in the truck shop. Unfortunately, I can not find the sheet anymore, but some of the highlights were:
"An engine which has not been completely broken in will get a substantial reduction in fuel economy - 10-15%" An engine is never fully broken in before about 7-10k miles. As your mileage increases, your fuel economy will increase
"New tires - 5%" - your tires need to be broken in just like the engine.
"Every 1mph over 70mph decreases your fuel economy by 1%" So, if you're going 12mph over 70, your fuel economy will go down by 12%. I think the math was a little off on that one, and it was geared towards highway trucks. The basics are stil there, though - the faster you go, the more fuel you will burn.
"Maximize time spent in cruise control and top gear" - yeah, it's boring to just coast along with the cruise control on, and the gearshift stuck in 6th gear, but you have to decide between excitement and fuel economy. Cruise does have a major impact on your fuel economy, though. The way I explained it to my customers was "We have an engineer who's only job is to make sure the cruise control programs work correctly. We pay him $100,000/yr, and all he does is work on cruise control to maximize fuel economy. We trust him implicitly - so should you..."

Now, obviously, we aren't running 15L diesel engines in our cars, but the basics are the same, no matter what kind of engine you have, from a little 4-banger to a highway truck, these rules apply to everyone.
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Steve Dallas
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Originally Posted by Albion View Post
Has anyone seen an average of more than 20mpg,from their SS.
No matter how much 'coasting' i do,i have never seen a higher figure than 19.8mpg.
I drove a return trip from Germany which was 310 miles,at an average speed of 82mph,that gave me a return of 15.8mpg.Thats to be expected,but i have seen what seem to be,some wildly exaggerated claims on here and can get nowhere near them.
Have i got a hole in my Petrol tank!?
First, I did not buy this car for the gas milage. If you did, you may want to reconsider.

I get 17MPG average, and that's city and highway driving. I don't hypermile, I don't put it in 6th gear often....

I simply drive the car to listen to the symphony of the engine noise. Though I have a radio and iPod, 90% of the time I'm driving with the windows down and the radio off. Even in colder weather.
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***** push the "reset" button on the end of the turn signal while in the fuel mileage readout on the GIF
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I get about 13 mpg :(

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Camaro Crazy
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I was gassing up every 3 days, I never used 6th gear because the car just bogged when I tried to do under 80 in 6th. I was driving to work in 5th at about 2,500 rpms.
Now I put some full length headers on with high flow cats and a cia and had it custom tuned and 6th gear is now a ton more usable. I cruise to work now in 6th at 1,500-1,700 which is 70-75 mph and im now gassing up every 5 days instead of 3.
I cant give you mpg figures because my city driving in crap because I cant stay off the gas pedal,this thing is so much fun to drive now and sounds so sweet when I rev it out that im like a 47 yr old kid now. I have reset the mileage on the open level road and at the sped i mentioned it is in the mid to high 20's
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